02.05.24—06.06.24 — 12:00—12:00
Location: online

argos tv63: Manon de Boer, Shift of Attention (1999)

Manon de Boer, Shift of Attention (1999) © the artist(s)

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Manon de Boer, Shift of Attention (1999)

Los Angeles, United States. A friend of the filmmaker sits down facing towards the camera. Without a word she listens to her own account, told by someone else. A single uninterrupted shot, without any editing cuts: her face shows her memory at work. At times she recognises her own words, and a little later it’s as if she hears her story for the first time. L.A. appears and disappears without ever entering the picture. Seeing becomes tangible in itself: gradually the screen changes in a mirror, in which a spectator and a ‘character’ look at one another.