02.05.24—06.06.24 — 12:00—12:00
Locatie: online

argos tv63: Manon de Boer, Shift of Attention (1999)

Manon de Boer, Shift of Attention (1999) © the artist(s)

argos 📺 brengt oude en nieuwe werken uit de collectie naar je thuisscherm. Elke eerste donderdag van de maand wordt er een film beschikbaar gemaakt op onze website. Zin in meer? Blader dan ook eens door onze volledige catalogus in de annex(e).

Manon de Boer, Shift of Attention (1999)

Los Angeles, United States. A friend of the filmmaker sits down facing towards the camera. Without a word she listens to her own account, told by someone else. A single uninterrupted shot, without any editing cuts: her face shows her memory at work. At times she recognises her own words, and a little later it’s as if she hears her story for the first time. L.A. appears and disappears without ever entering the picture. Seeing becomes tangible in itself: gradually the screen changes in a mirror, in which a spectator and a ‘character’ look at one another.