30.04.24 — 18:00—20:00
Location: argos

peer-to-peer (P2P)


Filmmakers and artists can bring their work-in-progress to a peer-to-peer session. One or two participants present their own work (or work plans) per session. After the presentation, the group engages in constructive and moderated conversation around the questions and issues submitted by the presenting artists. This exchange can be very open or zero in on a specific topic. The goal is to gain a fresh perspective on your own work.

Peer-to-peer is primarily aimed at documentary and experimental filmmakers, both aspiring & experienced. That being said, anyone who wishes to share something is welcome to do so. We are committed to being an open and welcoming space.

The presentations can take on different shapes, from screening your film to describing a dream. We ask those presenting their work to bring a (series of) questions to solicit feedback from the group and spark the conversation.

More information

The next session will take place on Tuesday 30 April. The session starts at 18:00 and ends at 20:00. Feel free to bring food or snacks. The conversation will be held in English.

Please send an email to Maryam (maryam@argosarts.org) if you want to participate and/or if you want to present your project.