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media annex(e): Ben De Raes

Ben De Raes, Waiting Working Hours (2019) © the artist

The media annex(e), which is located in our lobby area, makes our distribution, collection, and research activities visible through books, documents, artifacts, and films.

You can currently view the following film:

Ben De Raes, Waiting Working Hours (2019)

On a street in Brussels, day labourers are looking for a job. Gathered in small groups, they wait for hours, hoping for someone to pick them up. The ‘lucky’ few are dropped off at a construction site or field but employers pay meagre salaries and social security is not on the table.

In Waiting Working Hours, the voices of the workers are mixed with Google Street View images. Their testimonies, in a multitude of languages, are pieced together to create a dialogue about labour, economics and life. Based on the insights of the workers, De Raes examines their current situation, their thoughts on labour and their dreams for the future.

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