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Chiara Fumai, Poems I Will Never Release


  • Chiara Fumai - Poems I Will Never Release at La Loge

An exhibition dedicated to the work of Chiara Fumai (1978–2017), and curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi and Milovan Farronato, in collaboration with Mara Montanaro. I was completely overwhelmed by this exhibition, it was a unique experience that holds you both physically and intellectually. Like a comet, Chiara Fumai crossed the sky and disappeared too early.


  • Hwang Dong-hyeok - Squid Game

Completely perverse and very violent but so addictive, I found myself devouring the episodes one by one... I'm looking forward to the next season!


  • Fab Caro - Broadway

Fab Caro is the prince of absurd and melancholic humour. He knows how to make our miserable lives hilarious. I loved it!