Location: argos annex(e)

Azam Masoumzadeh: Glad that I came, not sorry to depart

Azam Mazoumzadeh, Glad that I came, not sorry to depart © the artist

Iranian astrologer and scientist Omar Khayyam wrote 1000 four-line verses, more than 1000 years ago. Artist Azam Masoumzadeh grew up with his verses and has now created her own, three-dimensional version of the poems. Inspired by ancient Iranian miniature art, her 8-minute VR experience immerses you in a pleasant and relaxing world with 5 different scenes, each one inspired by a different poem.

The poems are told in voice-over, in Farsi, English or Dutch. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes full of humor. And although they are centuries old, they touch on timeless themes: love, death, loss, religion, pleasure, happiness, mental wellbeing ... Khayyam’s age-old poetry is more topical than you would expect.

This unique and interactive exhibition is set up on our media annex(e) above the reception and is open to anyone from 9 to 99 years old.

About Azam Masoumzadeh

“If you draw your dreams, they will come true”.

Born in Isfahan (Iran), Azam Masoumzadeh discovers a passion for colors and patterns at an early age. At the age of 18, Azam moves away from her hometown to study Textile Design at the University of Teheran. In 2012, she pursues her studies in Belgium. After graduating with a master’s degree in Illustrations & Comics (LUCA) and in Speculative Narration (erg), she also obtains a postgraduate degree in Digital Storytelling (KASK). As a visual & digital storyteller Azam focuses on animation, virtual reality and augmented reality.

More info: www.azammasoumzadeh.com

About Cassette for Timescapes

Cassette for timescapes produces films and interactive projects that combine innovative vision and social or political engagement. Producer Emmy Oost received the Flanders Cultural Prize for Film 2015 for a slate of migration films and her work on interactive documentaries. Selection of titles produced: Watch Me by Klara Van Es (NFF 2018), Barber Shop series by Luc Vrydaghs, The Invisible City by Lieven Corthouts (FIFDH 2016), No Man is an Island by Tim De Keersmaecker (Hotdocs 2015), Double Take by Johan Grimonprez (Berlinale 2009).

More info: www.timescapes.be