The Constellation

The Constellation
The Constellation

Farida Amadou, Loucka Fiagan, Rand Abou-Fakher, and the duo Nadjim Bigou-Fathi and Soto Labor are Beursschouwburg's new associated artists. They busy themselves with the wondrous worlds of curious string work, subconscious censorship, a planned feature film, poetic criticism and critical poetry – but they don't do this alone.

For two and a half years, the residents will be supported by the dedicated network De Constellatie. Beursschouwburg, Zinnema, Hiros, Bâtard, Argos, Volta and Level Five will provide infrastructural, business and content related assistance.

The five artists were selected through an open call by Beursschouwburg's artistic team together with an external jury formed by Joachim Ben Yakoub, Moya Michael and Arne Huysmans.

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