Location: argos

the ⒜⒭⒢⒪⒮ t-shirt

⧼a̼⧽ ⧼r̼⧽ ⧼g̼⧽ ⧼o̼⧽ ⧼s̼⧽ t-shirts (2022) designed by D-E-A-L

Designed by our long-term partners and graphic designers D-E-A-L, the t-shirt hints at the philosophy behind our visual identity. Part of the city and the world, argos is constantly in motion, an art centre swaying to the rhythm of the things it connects with and feels close to. Drawing from a multitude of local and visual languages surrounding us, both physically and digitally, our (visual) identity is constantly shapeshifting. Therefore our logo changes with each exhibition. Sometimes, it even entirely dissolves, leaving an intentionally blank space for others to fit and fill. The choice of colour is a wink to the previous t-shirt we produced with artist Tony Cokes 😉

Try them out at the reception desk and get yours for 30€. Available in S, M, L and XL.