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media annex(e): Isabelle Tollenaere

Isabelle Tollenaere, The Remembered Film (2018) © the artist

The media annex(e) is closed due to COVID-19 measures.

The media annex(e), which is located in our lobby area, makes our distribution, collection, and research activities visible through books, documents, artifacts, and films.

You can currently view the following film:

Isabelle Tollenaere, The Remembered Film (2018)

In The Remembered Film young soldiers from previous wars are seen roaming the woods aimlessly. They wear the uniforms of the Soviet troops, the Wehrmacht or the American military forces during the Vietnam war. In interviews, they share war memories they can’t possibly have experienced themselves, but which have taken root in their memory. A friction between imagination and reality arises, from the fiction to which the boys testify but haven’t experienced, but which genuinely has imprinted a memory in their minds, in the midst of other real-life memories. Thus unfolds the intrinsic relationship between storytelling, memory and history. How forming memories is subject to fictionalisation. Just as history is a process of creative storytelling, a subjective construction.

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