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Maryam K. Hedayat, argos.city

Tamara Cubas


  • Seeing Tamara Cubas, a choreographer and performance artist from Uruguay at work during Proximamente festival at KVS.

Her conjuring presence, the way she investigates and goes into dialogue with the past and with the histories of our world are mesmerising and inspiring.


  • Benedict Cumberbatch as a lonesome cowboy in Jane Campion's latest film The Power of the Dog.

Although there was much love to be found in reviews for Cumberbatch in how he gives life to his character, I was less than impressed. The film has an addictive tension and beautiful imagery but sadly the characters don't take you to realms where other characters like Daniel Plainview (There will be Blood) or Llewelyn Moss (No Country for Old Men) have taken us.


I rewatched Lady Bird recently and the scene where she simply can't listen to her mother criticise her any longer and decides to jump out of a moving car while the conversation is ongoing. It made me Laugh Out Loud! Again!