03.07.22 — 14:00—16:00

family day 5: podcast workshop

Celestrana (1986) © Laraaji

argos hosts family days every first Sunday of each month. Children, young people, parents, adults and non-parents are all welcome to visit our exhibition together.

On these occasions, our bar provides special treats that cater to all. Guides adapt their tours to kids and their families. Participatory workshops are programmed throughout the afternoon in English, French, and Dutch. Always linked to the current exhibitions, the activities are renewed each time, highlighting an artistic technique or an aspect of the exhibition. Embrace your inner child, or bring your babysitter, grandma, godchild, and any member of your chosen family to a̷r̷g̷o̷s̷: it's a family affair.

The fifth Family Day takes place on 3 July 2022 and will be hosted by Joppe Peeters. Inspired by the When the angels from above exhibition, Joppe prepared a children's guide to podcasting. How can you tell stories through audio? This workshop is a playful experimentation revolving around sound, noise and acoustics.

ages: 8 to 12