Dagmar Dirkx, research

Work in Progress


  • Marieke Lucas Rijneveld - Mijn Lieve Gunsteling

In this book, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld manages to combine a most horrendous subject - paedophilia - with the most phenomenal sentences and use of language I read in a long time.


  • Jeff Koons - Oeuvres de la collection Pinault

When visiting Mucem in Marseille, I somehow ended up in a Jeff Koons exhibition by accident. I could say a lot about Jeff Koons but what if there are children reading this? On the other hand, the exhibition on the history of 'mezze' in the same building was really nice.


  • Work in progress

A series about a self-proclaimed "fat, queer dyke" entering a relationship with a much younger millennial trans man that touches upon subjects such as generation gaps, depression or the issue with public bathrooms. Beautiful and hilarious.