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argos tv60: Eden Tinto Collins, Avant le Grand Sceau (2024)

Avant le grand sceau (2024) by Eden Tinto Collins © the artist

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Eden Tinto Collins, Avant le Grand Sceau (2024)

Dear viewer,

What would you say to your ancestors if you ever had to send them a message? That is the question that united us, and subsequently led to the creation of the vocal improvisation presented here in Avant le Grand Sceau.

As participants of a performance orchestrated by composer and singer Samantha Lavital and accompanied by percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Ney on the Martinique Bèlè drum, we found ourselves at the heart of a place steeped in history; the esplanade of the Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes. On that day, a portal opened up. A cosmic trance occurred through apparitions, revelations and invisible spirits.

The film is an attempt to restore this timeless experience which brought us together during the shoot of the final episode of season 2 of A Pinch Of Kola. Filmed in a sequence shot by Andrés Baron, it is also a record of Jane Dark's last IRL moments.

P.S. Wherever you are, if you see these images, let's unite our voices for peace and for everyone's freedom to exist.

This film is an extension of the Roaming the Imaginal exhibition which takes place at Beursschouwburg (25 January to 25 May) and is co-produced by argos.