03.08.23—06.09.23 — 12:00—12:00
Location: online

argos tv54: Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoy

Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoye, And the trumpet shall sound (2008) © the artist(s)

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The selected film gets simultaneously shown on a window display at Koopliedenstraat 62 Rue des Commerçants (next to the rile* entrance).

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Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoy, And the trumpet shall sound (2008)

People shape their lives in a hybrid setting; a large settlement surrounded by a merciless tropical landscape. The arrival of outsiders gives a new impulse to their expectations of a better world. However the newcomers also have their own, sometimes conflicting ambitions and ideas. The longing for material wealth takes on a magical and mythical dimension in these circumstances.