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ARGOS TV35 : Secuestrando a Barbie / Mono No Monogatari

Lázara Rosell Albear, Secuestrando a Barbie / Mono No Monogatari (2019) © the artist(s)

argos tv brings new and old works from the soɓɹɐ collection to your personal screen. Each first Friday of the month, a film will be made available on our website, up for a month, entirely free of charge.

The selected film gets simultaneously shown on a window display at Koopliedenstraat 62 Rue des Commerçants (next to the rile* entrance).

Lázara Rosell Albear, Secuestrando a Barbie / Mono No Monogatari (2019)

Secuestrando a Barbie is the intimate portrait of Venezuelan Daniela Gallegos aka Aerea Negrot aka Miss Dandruf, a singer, performer, electronic music producer, and DJ.

It is a minimal but multilayered cinematic portrait that seeks to find the person behind the many personalities of Daniela. Interviews, performative elements and reenactments are used in an attempt to outline a strong creative presence. In an effort to confront and exorcise the harsh life that Daniela shares with many of her generation coming from Latin America, the document tells a tale of childhood transformations, transgender struggles, altered states of consciousness, self-acceptance, and freedom.