Location: ARGOS

media annex(e): Nazli Dinçel

Nazli Dinçel, Between Relating and Use (2018) © the artist. Courtesy of ARGOS

The media annex(e), which is located in our lobby area, makes our distribution, collection, and research activities visible through books, documents, artifacts, and films.

You can currently view the following film:

Nazli Dinçel, Between Relating and Use (2018)

Borrowing words from Laura Mark's 'Transnational Object' and DW Winnicott's 'Transitional Object', all carefully etched into the 16mm film surface, Nazli Dinçel's Between Relating and Use is an attempt to work ethically in a foreign land. Transitioning from assuming the position of an ethnographer, we turn and explore inwards – on how we use our lovers.

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