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media annex(e): Félix Blume

Félix Blume, Curupira, bicho do mato (2019) © the artist

The media annex(e), which is located in our lobby area, makes our distribution, collection, and research activities visible through books, documents, artifacts, and films.

You can currently view the following film:

Félix Blume, Curupira, bicho do mato (2018)

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, Tauary inhabitants invite us to listen to the sounds of the jungle, the birds, and animals. However, some weird sounds appear: a creature prowling around the trees. Some of them have heard her, very few have ever seen her, and those who did find her never came back. She charms, she enchants — she leads people to get lost: each one of them tells a story in their own way and tries to decipher her sounds.

Curupira, bicho do mato takes us in search of this being: a reflection about myths and their place in the contemporary world. It’s a sound thriller in the midst of the jungle.

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