12.02.23 — 15:00—16:00
Location: argos

Curatorial Talkthrough with Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

still image from Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Oriana © the artist(s)

The curatorial talkthrough is an insider's introduction to the argos exhibitions. The aim is to facilitate a dialogue between artist(s), curator(s) and the public. The talkthrough consists of context-specific reflections on the exhibited work, of sharing thoughts and knowledge about the exhibition's production process and of trivial and less trivial matters, such as stories, gossip, and jokes encountered by both the artist(s) and curator(s) along the way.

The artist Beatriz Santiago Muñoz and curators Fernanda Brenner and Niels Van Tomme will stroll through the exhibition space with visitors, sharing thoughts about their own experiences with Oriana.