11.05.15 20:30—22:00
Location: Art Cinema OFFoff , Art Cinema OFFoff

Anger and Beyond

Copyright artist(s) and courtesy argos

Argos was founded in 1989 for the purpose of stimulating and promoting audiovisual art; at present it is the country’s main source of reference for this type of artistic practice. Today Argos has a collection of nearly 5,000 works.

Kenneth Anger is a filmmaker who summarizes the classical formats of art and cinema. He creates a very diverse and idiosyncratic oeuvre. He also used the full potential of the medium to emancipate, to shock and to imagine what can not be shown in a different way.

The Argos proposed program is an anthology of works from the collection where artists attempt to take a similar position. The selected works show - in different ways - the artists' fascination with the occult, the physical, the surreal and erotic. Furthermore, these videos have a critical attitude: criticism, not only towards certain social issues, but also criticism facing the still untapped potential of film and video in our media culture.

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven - Adam of Eva in het paradijs
2004, 24', colour, sound.

Steve Reinke - I am fisting again
2012, 1'17'', colour, sound.

Steve Reinke - Living, loving, learning
2010, 26'', colour, English running-text.

Steve Reinke - Little Fagot
1997, 2'34'', colour, English spoken.

Lucile Desamory - L'Infirmière cannibale
1999, 9', colour, sound.

Messieurs Delmotte - Ass Dance
1993, 42'', colour, sound.  

Messieurs Delmotte - Fränz und Kofön
2004, 2'53'', colour, English spoken.

Emily Vey Duke - Being fucked up
2001, 10'16'', colour, English spoken.

Hänzel & Gretzel - Low Membrane
1998, 5'30'', colour, English spoken.

Nicolas Provost - The Painters
2013, 4', colour, sound.

Alison Murray - Kissy Suzuki Suck
1992, 18'30'', colour and b&w, English spoken.

Elizabeth Lecompte - Rhyme 'Em to Death
1993, 10'23'', b&w, sound.

Isabelle Nouzha - Azzazin #1
2002, 7', b&w, sound.

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