argos café

Opening: 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080/1000 Bruxelles © Rachel Gruijters
Opening: 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080/1000 Bruxelles © Rachel Gruijters

Starting 2022, soƃɹɐ felt like changing things up in the café. No more multinationals in our fridges. No more random E-numbers in your throats. We partnered up with locals, friends and fools crazy enough to start their own hospitality businesses in these trying times. Don't drink the cool-aid, choose the magic potion.

The 100pap is a solidarity beer that aims to provide sustainable access to housing for undocumented migrants in Belgium. The profits generated by the sales make it possible to finance healthy, stable and secure housing and help towards paying rent, insurance fees or renovation work.

sociaal from Illegaal
Illegaal brews for culture. This local brewery supports artists and promotes culture with experimental beers. La sociaal is a hoppy lager, and it comes in a golden can. Label-free, as all good things should be.

L'Annexe is the first Fermentery in Brussels. They make natural, innovative and organic drinks based on traditional recipes as fermentation is an age-old and natural method. Each drink is a labour of love done by hand and is made from real ingredients. We stocked our fridges with Raspberry Mint, it's sweet, it's lovely, and it's refreshing. A favourite for kids on family days if it weren't for the 2% alcohol it contains.

Ginger.G & Bissap.B
Elixirs, infusions & cocktails, all things ginger. Homemade at Café Congo since 2015. Support this local, woman-owned business by mixing your ginger shots with whatever floats your boat.

This gently carbonated, old-time Limonade used to be sold in Belgium until the late 70s. It disappeared to reappear decades later: same logo, new taste. We have 'cola' and 'orange'; have at it!

Last but not least: our coffee is delivered by our neighbours Rutger & Senina from Wide Awake Coffee. They have been roasting and brewing, and caffeinating our offices, in Brussels since 2019.

We also have teas, sparkling/still water, chocolate milk and we 💖 free tap water. See you at the bar.