Fallet, Camille

- Lives and works in Marseille.
Camille Fallet graduated as MA in photography from the Royal College of Arts of London in 2004 and also obtained a DNSEP art at the École supérieure d'Art de Nantes in 2001. He is laureate of the “British Gas Award” 2003 (reportage in Trinidad and Tobago) and of the Individual Help Grant for the Regional Direction Creation of the Cultural Affairs of Ile de France in 2006 ...

Gwinner, Florian

°1977 - Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.
Florian Gwinner studied Architecture and Visual Communication at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar (Germany), and Art and Design at the Nagoya Zokei University in Japan. In his work, Gwinner constructs a model of a world from the viewpoint that reality and its model are one. ...

van Oldenborgh, Wendelien

°1962 - Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
Wendelien van Oldenborgh (°1962, Rotterdam, Netherlands) is an artist based in Rotterdam, whose practice explores social relations through an investigation of gesture in the public sphere. She received her art education at Goldmiths' College, London during the eighties and lives in the Netherlands again since 2004 ...

Catrysse, Wim

°1973 - Leuven (Belgium). Lives and works in Antwerp.
Wim Catrysse’s experimental video installations are concerned with 'becoming', as a term, which leads to associations with active and reactive forces, ultimately determining the personal identity. His attention is principally aimed at corporeal expression, at the language of the body, which can be perceived as the result of his fondness for the theater and live performances. ...
Two Girls Downtown Iowa, Summers Elaine, 1973. Courtesy the Artist

Summers, Elaine

°1925 - Perth (Australia). Lives and works in New York.
Elaine Summers, one of the original members of the Judson Dance Theater, is one of the pioneers of conceptual dance from the 1960s and 1970s ...

Cos, Teresa

°1982 - Latisana, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (Italy). Lives and works in the European Union.
Teresa Cos investigates the human condition, understood as the endless negotiation between individual subjectivities and global societies, embedded conditions of birth and displaced nomadic becomings ...

Van Waeyenberghe, Inneke

°1977 - Orange (France).
Inneke van Waeyenberghe works and lives in Brussels (Belgium). She studied Audiovisual Arts at the Saint-Lukas Hogeschool (from 1995-1999) in Brussels. She works as a filmeditor and productioncöordinator (multimedia and audiovisual arts) and participated in several projects of Sarah Vanagt, Dora García, Eleni Kamma, a.o. ...

de Tapol, Aymeric

°1974 - France. Lives and works in Brussels.
Born in 1974 , Aymeric de Tapol started to listening the sound carefully by filming with HI8 camera in 1998 at Toulouse Music university the color of the doors where musicien played behind it .Each doors contains the colors of the instruments departement. What ever he his composer,Sound-Engineer for film, art Video, documentary, radio Création . He lives right now in Brussels ...

Krüger, Peter

°1970 - Ghent (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Peter Krüger is working as an independent writer/director and producer. As a writer/director he has been making documentaries, fiction as well as music-theatre productions. In his work, he often investigates the borders between fiction and documentary. His last film 'Antwerp Central' won the Grand Prize at the International Festival of Films on Art in Montréal (Canada) ...
Vidéocartographies: Aïda, Palestine, Till Roeskens, 2009 © the artist & producer

Roeskens, Till

°1974 - Freiburg (Germany). Lives and works in Marseille.
With a passion for applied geography, visual artist Till Roeskens belongs to the family of explorers. His work evolves out of his discovery of a given territory and those who are trying to draw their own paths through it ...

Liénard, Bénédicte

°1965 - Mons (Belgium).
The films of Liénard show a strong social commitment towards the least visible, the most vulnerable layers of the population, in a style which fluctuates between the intimate and the political. ...

Convents, Cherica

°1950 - Diest (Belgium).
Cherica Clara Convents (1950, Belgium) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She studied film and photography at NARAFI Brussels and St LUCAS Institute Brussels (Belgium); and experimental film at Psychopolis Den Haag (Netherlands). Her main interests include symbolism, metaphysics, mysticism ...
The 100 images are in One Second, Chris Goyvaerts, 1979 © the artists & producer

Goyvaerts, Chris

- Lives in Belgium.

Manzone, Stéphane

°1970 - Monaco
"Stéphane Manzone was born in Monaco and he lives in Brussels. After working as a script writer for film and TV, he now makes short and long fiction films, documentaries and experimental work. His work was shown, among others, at the Film festival in Milan, Festival International du Documentaire in Marseille and the Mediawave festival in Gyor (Hungary)." (argos festival 2005 catalogue) ...

Vermeir, Katleen

°1973 - Bornem (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
The work of Vermeir revolves around the invisible topographical traces of a city, as well as a series of ‘tableaux vivants’, video paintings identifying universal aspects of human attitudes and architectural models. The collaborative work with her partner Rony Heiremans examines the dynamic relation between art, architecture and economy, and its mediation in private and public spheres. ...

Wouters, Maurits

°1986 - Turnhout (Belgium).
Maurits Wouters (°1986, Turnhout) completed his master studies at the RITS School of Arts and has been active as a filmmaker and visual artist since 2009. Besides his master at RITS he graduated from University Antwerp (Film-& theatre studies) in 2011. Since October 2013 he has been doing a PhD, supported by the fund for scientific research – Flanders (FWO) ...

Wittwer, Martin

°1969 - Lausanne (Switserland).
Dagmar Keller (1972 born in Germany) and Martin Wittwer (1969 born in Switzerland) studied at the Art Academy Düsseldorf and at the Academy of Media Art in Cologne. They have collaborated together as an artist duo since 1997, creating extensive photographic cycles, film and video installations ...

Barry, Orla

°1969 - Wexford, (Ireland). Lives in Brussels and Wexford.
The strongly poetic and lyrical work of Orla Barry crosses a wide variety of media whilst evoking undercurrents of emotion and drawing on Irish disciplines of poetry and song. An interest in language stands central to her work; via frequently associative techniques she researches the semantics of her mother tongue and it’s cultural imbedding and implications. ...

Montoya, Mara Elsa

°1984 - United States
Mara Montoya was born in the United States, grew up in Mexico, and currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland. Since she was a child, Mara has been driven to explore other cultures. Mara graduated from the Humboldt German High School in Guadalajara, Mexico and the Zurich University of the Arts ...