Myriam Van Imschoot is an artist active in performance, film, sound poetry and public space. The voice is her main medium.
Vernacular vocal customs, across the fluid lines between nature and culture, drive performances like Hola Hu (2012), What Nature Says, and the pieces around the YOUYOU that since 2014 have been involving local performers in Jaffa, Brussels, Grenoble and Ostend. With the Brussels YOUYOU group she created YOUYOUYOU (2014), HELfel (2016) and the film Le Cadeau (2018).

For 10 years she had been building a videographic oeuvre with short films and portraits that take up interests from the performance, and point at the cracks in the 'modern' western narrative and propose listening as an ecology. Her work has been supported by Campo, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Kaaitheater and Buda, and is presented there and in international festivals, musea and galleries around the world.

Le Cadeau is her first long film after she made a series of short films on extended vocalists in the series Yodel Portraits. Personal recollections reveal sonic histories and cultures.

  • ° 1969 Ghent. Lives and works in Brussels.
  • At view in the media library