NEW ACQUISITIONS Convents, Cherica
A Jacob's Ladder, remembering Gordon Matta-Clark
Johnson, Esther
Battersby, Cooper
Dear Lorde

ARTIST IN FOCUS Wouters, Maurits

Maurits Wouters (°1986, Turnhout) completed his master studies at the RITS School of Arts and has been active as a filmmaker and visual artist since 2009. Besides his master at... more


Off by Heart and out of Breath. A Silva Rerum

29.4.2016 - 17.7.2016
Image Forum 2016

This spring, Argos will present a series of recent works in the cities of Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Yokohama. The program ‘I will Dream All Day - Recent Video Works from Belgium’ is curated by Argos for the prestigious Image Forum... more


16.6.2016 - 12.8.2016
Dans le vestibule avec Jef Cornelis

Jef Cornelis is a Belgian director of a vast number of films and programs for the Flemish Belgian Radio Television network (BRT—now the VRT). From 1964 to 1996, he directed more than 100 films on a broad array of topics related to the areas of... more


12.7.2016 - 18.7.2016
FID Marseille 2016

Argos is happy to announce the participation of three distribution and collection related artists at the 27th edition of the international documentary film festival FID Marseille. In the Parallel Screens section recent works by Hans Op de Beeck,... more


09.10.2016 - 18.12.2016
Mira Sanders - Inland Voyages in an Inland Voyage

Opening: Saturday October 8th 2016 // 18:00 - 21:00 On view 09 October 2016 – 18 December 2016 Navigating. We rarely think about it, and yet for most of us it is an everyday activity. Internet, Google Maps, GPS, etcetera: who can do without... more


09.10.2016 - 16.10.2016
Always and Never at Home. Selected works by Esther Johnson

Opening Night: Saturday 8th of October 2016 // 18:00-21:00 Esther Johnson is a UK-based artist and filmmaker whose research practice explores documentary portraiture through moving image, audio and photography. Her early POINT AND SHOOT (2006) is a... more

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> 10.06.2016: WITHOUT PAUSE, DIALOGUES: an exhibition project at Loop Barcelona


Monday May 30: Avant-première and debate Jeff Silva (Cinéma Aventure)

Wendy Morris - Limited edition


Inside the White Tube. A retrospective view on the television work of Jef Cornelis (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2015). Photo Dirk PauwelsMaria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo - Twisted Realism (exhibition view, ARGOS 2012). Photo Dirk Pauwels Nicolas Provost - Plot Point Trilogy (exhibition view, ARGOS 2012). Photo Dirk PauwelsARGOS Studio1 inch tape - type C (example of the archived tape format)Production picture of the video Thru (2003) by Peter Downsbrough ARGOS ArchiveARGOS MedialibraryARGOS View of the buildingSALON5 - Performative Journeys with ... Emilio López-Menchero - Fifty-Fifty (2010)Opening of the exhibitions by Hans Op de Beeck and Shelly Silver (2011)ARGOS Storage tapesIBBT-SMIT Lecture Series: In Transition? The role of the curator and the arts in a digital culture (ARGOS, 2012)Giusy Caruso performs James Benning - One Way Boogie Woogie 2012 (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2012). Photo Dirk PauwelsSarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire - The Wave (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2013). Photo Dirk PauwelsHarun Farocki - Side by Side (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2013). Photo Dirk PauwelsBon Travail (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2013). Photo Dirk PauwelsDanny Matthys - Fiction = Fixation (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2013). Photo Dirk PauwelsErik Bünger – Written on Tablets of Flesh (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2014). Photo Dirk PauwelsSirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat - Square (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2014). Photo Dirk PauwelsSilver Bliss #2: Portrait of A City (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2014). Photo Dirk PauwelsMona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor - I Do Not Know the Real Story Which Happens There (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2014). Photo Dirk PauwelsSi tu veux voir le monde, ferme tes yeux: part 1(Exhibition view, ARGOS 2015). Photo Dirk PauwelsPatrick Bernatchez - Les temps inachevés (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2015). Photo Dirk PauwelsSi tu veux voir le monde, ferme tes yeux: part 2 (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2015). Photo Dirk PauwelsPieter Geenen - This land is my land. This land is your land. (Exhibition view, ARGOS 2015). Photo Dirk Pauwels


Alexander Kluge
Excerpt from Schnitte in Raum und Zeit / Cuts in Space and Time (2006).