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Messieurs Delmotte
In this series Delmotte explores the subversive power of excrements, vulgarity and blasphemy. Content: ’The Bridge 1’, ’The Fuck’, ’Urinal and bread’, ’The Beers’, ’The Bridge 2’, ’Wax Candles’ and ’Snuff Coq’....


Sophie Nys
Die Hütte is based on an extract from the novel Alte Meister (Old Masters) by Thomas Bernhard. Among other things, the fragment tells of a small village (near Freiburg) in the Black Forest, where in 1922 Heidegger built a hut. This hut is still in the possession of the Heidegger family, but inaccessible to the public...


Sarah Vanagt
With the publication of the Ophthalmographia in 1632, the Amsterdam physician Vopiscus Fortunatus Plempius sheds new light on the age-old question of how seeing works. His answer is an invitation to experiment: Enter with me into a darkened room and prepare the eye of a freshly slaughtered cow. He emphasizes that anyone may carry out this experiment, at home, "demanding little effort and expense...
I, Y, AND, Peter Downsbrough, 2010 © the artist & producer I, Y, AND, Peter Downsbrough, 2010 © the artist & producer


Peter Downsbrough
The camera travels through the outer areas of Barcelona, moving slowly through tunnels, along roads, on the water and elsewhere, blending travelling and fixed shots. The artists focusses on the infrastructure of the city – piers, docks, tunnels and buildings. Sporadically, we hear the sounds of the city...
Inventur / Invocation. I have calculated ... , 2008, Ralo Mayer © the artist Inventur / Invocation. I have calculated ... , 2008, Ralo Mayer © the artist


Ralo Mayer
This work consists of four video streams in which Kroot Juurak, wearing a white coat and seated in various positions, recites lists in a monotonous, almost robotic voice, reminding of a mantra. Devoid of any facial or vocal expression, her voice denies the phrases individual identities but treats them all alike...


Joëlle de La Casinière - Michel Bonnemaison
A ’train movie’ in the Urubamba valley, where a young gringo seems to be having bad dreams. All the racket of the train and the sound of a local band punctuate the elliptical editing of a phoney narrative, which pretends to end in Cuzco....


Eva Meyer - Eran Schaerf
Through a number of conversations Europa von weitem relates the Levantine projection of Europe as it is found in the book by Jacqueline Kahanoff Vom Osten das Licht to other projections inside the continents as well as outside them...

... AND

Peter Downsbrough
This film essentially consists of one continuous shot taken from the train window during its stop in the station of Metz, France. By way of prelude, …  AND opens with a fixed camera shot, a straight, razor-sharp positioning - an image of cars driving in the city. Then, we dive into the film by way of a traveling shot from the window of the train...


Messieurs Delmotte
A man in a wheelchair is hiding behind a huge tire of a tractor. Second part of a series of sequences that are the result of a meeting between Messieurs Delmotte and artists with a mental disability. It leads to unexpected situations and poetic performances. Messieurs Delmotte made this performance and video project during an artistic residency at CEC La Hesse (Vielsalm in Belgium)...