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Dino Secchi - Free3 - Shedar Secchi - Charley Case
A town in Belgium disappears over the horizon after a flood. In this way nature rebels against human greed....


Hans Op de Beeck
This B/W animation film offers a perspective on an evolving landscape drawn in pencil. The artist is invisible to us, and tries to tame the landscape into highly singular gardens by shaping nature, manipulating, destroying and reviving it. The spectator sees how the author works out a train of thought in a remarkable vocabulary....


Messieurs Delmotte
Messieurs Delmotte takes off his jacket and tosses it into a tree. This work is part of the series Facts and Gestures Vol. 1...


Pascal Bernier
Flowers Serial Killer is an out and out SNUFF MOVIE.  However, the inherent horror in this genre is tinged with farce because of the nature of the victims, flowers and cacti, very much living organisms but with a "lesser importance" according to our mammiferous criteria. ‘SnuffMovie’ where the (real) victims are flowers. Eight real murders...


Cooper Battersby - Emily Vey Duke
Bone collector Maxine Rose, a 14 year old teenage girl, is looking for validation from her heroes, amongst them the primatologist Jane Goodall, bishop Desmond Tutu and the New Zealand teen pop Star Lorde. Offering them a gift of language, Maxine Rose stands for the desire to be visible and understood, not unlike the desire of an artist...


Jacques-Louis Nyst - Danièle Nyst
'Thérésa Plane’ is an itinerary in the form of an infinity symbol shaped loop. At its point of intersection a frog who thinks that everything is pretty and Thérésa whose principle activity is to glide, meet. A love story between the frog and Thérésa ensues. All would have gone quite well, were it not for the intervention of destiny...


Peter Downsbrough
As most of Peter Downsbrough’s films, UNTITLED 2015 starts from a pure fascination for a particular location, in this case Louvain-la-Neuve, a university town about twenty kilometres southeast of Brussels, Belgium...
Dalí, 2004, Bigas Luna © the artist Dalí, 2004, Bigas Luna © the artist


Bigas Luna
In his feature films, Bigas Luna often referred to Salvador Dalí, a close personal friend of the late filmmaker and visual artist...
Couple Regards Positions, 1984, Boris Lehman © the artist Couple Regards Positions, 1984, Boris Lehman © the artist


Boris Lehman
“A two-way mirror. Water and fire. Water extinguishes fire, and fire boils away water. There are many difficulties preventing them from understanding one another. They can only marry when one of the two disappears, and yet they are inexorably drawn to one another, they need one another in order to exist...


Eran Schaerf - Eva Meyer
‘As Habitual’ is a set piece, a documentary fiction, about how to adapt oneself to unknown regions without surrendering to them. This movie is situated in Mombassa and Zanzibar, where you can find a material called Khanga that hovers between language and architecture, and in fact turns into a habit...