Marriott, John

°1964 - Vancouver (Canada). Lives and works in Toronto.
John Marriott is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Toronto, Canada ...

Fol, Peter

- Lives and works in Brussels.

Mik, Aernout

°1960 - Groningen (The Netherlands). Lives and works in Amsterdam

Vergara, Angel

°1958 - Mieres (Spain). Lives and works in Brussels.
Angel Vergara grew up in Brussels. His body of work contains a wide range of media and disciplines, including performances, drawings, paintings, videos and installations, and a bar. Audiovisual material plays an important role in the majority of Vergara’s exhibitions, as well as making up a substantial part of his work ...

Lindemans, Gorik

°1956 - Mortsel (Belgium).
In 1999, Gorik Lindemans stopped working as an artist. For more than twenty years he had been, amongst other things, a graphic designer, a children’s book illustrator, a painter, photographer, as well as a video and installation artist. After leaving graphic design, Lindemans started working with video ...
Page One, 2004, Bigas Luna © the artist

Luna, Bigas

°1946 - Barcelona (Spain)
A varied career as a filmmaker, painter and designer makes the Catalan artist Bigas Luna a very singular and interdisciplinary artist. As a filmmaker he gained critical acclaim with his Trilogía Ibérica (1992-1994). Orígenes-Courbet (2004) can be considered as a fine example of his frequent playful and experimental excursions into visual art. ...

Nyst, Danièle

°1942 - Liège (Belgium).
Danièle Nyst studied at the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts and produced music programs for the RTBF (Radio Television Belge-Française). Together with her husband, Jacques Louis Nyst, she made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical videos. The concern of how art ‘functions’ is always central ...

Sala, Anri

°1974 - Tirana (Albania). Lives and works in Paris.
Working in a range of media Sala’s work is often about obscurity – obscurity of images but also of language and experience – which can render it both vexingly subtle and uncomfortably immediate. The artist’s subjects always refer to a political, historical and social context, yet Sala’s visual language of memory is metaphorical and poetically unsettling. ...

Konrad, Aglaia

°1960 - Salzburg (Austria). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aglaia Konrad produces photos and videos of global urban space and her work can be considered to be a form of visual research. Over the years, she has brought together an enormous archive of images shot in such diverse cities as São Paulo, Beijing, Chicago, Dakar, Tokyo, Cairo or Shanghai. Konrad draws from this reservoir for her exhibitions ...

de Tapol, Aymeric

°1974 - France. Lives and works in Brussels.
Born in 1974 , Aymeric de Tapol started to listening the sound carefully by filming with HI8 camera in 1998 at Toulouse Music university the color of the doors where musicien played behind it .Each doors contains the colors of the instruments departement. What ever he his composer,Sound-Engineer for film, art Video, documentary, radio Création . He lives right now in Brussels ...

van Dam, George

°1964 - Windhoek, Khomas (Namibia).
The Namibian-born violinist George Alexander van Dam has been a committed performer of contemporary music since the early stages of his career ...

Van der Avoort, Boris

°1967 - Belgium
Boris Van der Avoort was born in Belgium in 1967. He studied photography at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre (1992) and at I.N.S.A.S (the Institut National des Arts du Spectacle), graduating in film editing in 1995. He has been showing his photographic work at individual and group exhibitions in Belgium and abroad since 1990 ...

Israël, Thomas

°1975 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
The Brussels-based multimedia artist Thomas Israël proposes immersive, interactive works in the form of video installations, sculptures and performances. Having begun his career in theatre, his atypical approach to digital arts revolves around the themes of the body, time and the subconscious ...

Luyckx, Eddy

Created producing company Tarantula in 1995, together with Donato Rotunno. They forged relationships with fellow producers such as Jo Rouschop in Belgium and Marco Giusti in London and others in Switzerland and Paris. ...

Biemann, Ursula

°1955 - Zürich (Switzerland).
Swiss artist, theorist and curator Urusla Biemann's artistic practice is aimed at the representation of gender and identity of minority groups in the media, and in peripheral and border areas ...

Sanders, Angela

°1974 - Zürich (Switzerland).
Visual anthropologist and videomaker. The main focus of Sanders research is transnational migration and mobility, processes of globalization and their impacts on the living and working conditions of human beings. Her academic field research is often accompanied by reflexive ethnographic video essays. ...

Ho, Tzu Nyen

°1976 - Singapore. Lives and works in Singapore.
Ho Tzu Nyen earned a BA in Creative Arts from Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne (Australie), and a MA of Art in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore. Ranging across painting, video, performance, lecturing and writing, Ho Tzu Nyen's work blurs the boundaries between these genres, creating a complex interdisciplinary practice ...

Couturier, Michel

°1957 - Liège (Belgium).
Michel Couturier is fascinated by unlivable places: parking lots, shopping malls, harbour installations. The fundamental intuitive idea behind his work is that these places are like a magnifying mirror of the public space. These places are like ‘forest of signs’ those of power and alienation), a substituted nature ...