Dierckx, Isabelle

"Isabelle Dierickx lives and works in Brussels. She studied film at the ELICIT/ULB in Brussels and drama at the Liege Conservatory. She spent long periods in the U.S., Burkina Faso, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica and especially the Canaries, where she based the larger part of her documentary work and research ...

Sessa, Alberta

°1967 - Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
After her studies (languages and law) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Alberta Sessa started working in the distribution of documentary and experimental movies (1995-1999). In 1998 she started a series called Le Monde tel qu'il va, based on newspaper clippings ...

Gaillet, Jaad

°1990 - Paris (France). Lives and works in France.
Videomaker and Film Director ...

Van den Broeck, Hans

°1964 - Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
Hans Van den Broeck serves as artistic director of performance group SOIT (Stay Only If Temporary) and is co-founder of Les Ballets C de la B. He has created and toured internationally with several pieces such as "Everyman", "Eat, Eat, Eat", "La Sortie" or "Lac des Singes" ...

Heremans, Sandra

°1989 - Rwanda
Sandra Heremans is art historian and filmmaker. She received a MA in Art History in Social and Cultural Anthropology. In her Master theses, she focused on the power and representation of the symbol in the art theory of Aby Warburg. Heremans later discovered experimental film and made her first short The Yellow Mazda and His Holiness (2018). ...

André, Marie

°1951 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Narrative fiction and documentation of performing arts are central to Marie André’s work. The Belgium artist often shows her fascination with the eloquence and significance of everyday gestures, particularly those of women that her work magically captures through the postmodern choreography of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. ...

Decostere, Stefaan

°1955 - Kortrijk (Belgium). Lives and works in Ostend.
Stefaan Decostere studied film direction at the National Film School RITS in Brussels. He is among the handful of truly innovative directors working within television, creating new forms to more complex ideas. In his works he tries to problematize the relation between documentary and fiction by dissolving the boundaries between them. ...

Kötter, Daniel

°1975 - Bergisch Gladbach (Germany). Lives and works in Berlin.
Daniel Kötter is a director and video artist whose work oscillates deliberately between different media and institutional contexts, combining techniques of structuralist film with documentary elements and experimental music theater. His work has been shown in numerous galleries, video festivals, concert halls and theatres all over the world. ...

Reyns, Ailien

°1984 - Ronse (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aïlien Reyns studied history and film at Sint-Lukas Brussels. She creates filmic portraits and audiovisual installations. Her films are always the result of an extended interactive dialogue and research process with the subjects of her film projects ...

Charlier, Jacques

°1939 - Liège (Belgium).

Locus, Jan

°1968 - Halle (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Involved with social, political and ecological problems, photographer and filmmaker Jan Locus explores themes such as inequality, poverty, conflict, religion, migration and the impact of industry on the environment. Locus’s photographs are void of anecdotes and  hesitate between the format of the documentary and that of reporting ...

François, Michel

°1956 - Sint-Truiden (Belgium). Lives in Brussels.
Michel François is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses all sorts of materials and methods, combining man-made and natural objects, and photographs as well as installations. His aim is to appeal to all the senses. François’ photographs and videos are about ‘living’, and how to give form to that ‘living’ ...

Claes, Axel

°1963 - Elsene (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.

Franck, Stefan

°1965 - Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp.
Stefan Franck studied German Filology at the University of Antwerp, and Film & Video at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels (1987-89). He has worked as a member of staff and editor with several artistic and literary journals, and is still responsible for the websites of Belgian museums and institutes of education ...

de la Garenne, Christine

°1973 - Karlsruhe (Germany). Lives & works in Berlin.
Christine de la Garenne grew up in a small village near the border with France. While studying Media Arts at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe and she also studied German studies at the university. She now lives and works in Berlin and is part of the elite of young Berlin artists, whose works are in great demand all over the world ...

Ashley, Robert

°1930 - Ann Arbor, Michigan (United States).
A distinguished figure in American contemporary music, Robert Ashley holds an international reputation for his work in new forms of opera and multi-disciplinary projects. His recorded works are acknowledged classics of language in a musical setting. He pioneered opera-for-television. ...

Synak, Wiktoria

°1994 - Gdynia (Poland). Lives and works in Brussels.
Born in 1994 in Gdynia, Poland. Based in Brussels. Studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, ESADMM in Marseille and currently doing a Master degree in Photography at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. In June 2017 she received Roger de Conynck Prize - a support to young talented photographers awarded by Fondation Roi Baudouin ...

Martirosyan, Nora

°1973 - Yerevan (Armenia). Lives and works in Montpellier.
Nora Martirosyan (1973, Armenia) lives and works in France, Italy, and Armenia. After her studies in Amsterdam at the Gerriet Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands she continued with the residency programs in Le Fresnoy (France) and Rijksakademie (Amsterdam) ...

Benari, Yasmina

°1979 - Paris (France).
Yasmina Benari's work is focused on memories, both individual and collective, as well as identity, migration, and the notion of political uprising. While her main focus is documentary, her creative space is located on the border between reality and imagination. She treats photographic and animated images as a volume she sculpts, disturbs, and mixes to shape into various forms ...