Vandeweerd, Pierre-Yves

°1969 - Rocourt (Belgium).
Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd was trained as an anthropologist and journalist specializing in African civilizations. His work is deeply rooted in the tradition of Cinema réel. Most of it has been filmed in Africa, especially in Mauritania and the Sudan, countries throughout which he undertook long travels, accumulating footage of political conflict and the human suffering caused by it. ...
Page One, 2004, Bigas Luna © the artist

Luna, Bigas

°1946 - Barcelona (Spain)
A varied career as a filmmaker, painter and designer makes the Catalan artist Bigas Luna a very singular and interdisciplinary artist. As a filmmaker he gained critical acclaim with his Trilogía Ibérica (1992-1994). Orígenes-Courbet (2004) can be considered as a fine example of his frequent playful and experimental excursions into visual art. ...

Colinet, André

°1955 - Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
"Andre Colinet works and lives in Brussels. He studied at the RITCS in Brussels and since 1990 he has been lecturing at the high school of arts Sint-Lukas in Brussels. His countless independently produced documentaries and video works exclusively treat with subjects and people who can be directly related to his personal life world ...

Bismuth, Pierre

°1963 - Neuilly-sur-Seine (France). Lives and works in New York and Brussels.
Bismith investigates our perception of reality and our relationship to cultural products, through the manipulation of artistic objects. ...

Johnson, Esther

- Beverley, Hull (United Kingdom).
Esther Johnson is an artist and filmmaker whose research practice explores documentary portraiture through moving image, audio and photography. She studied for an MA at the Royal College of Art, London, and for a BA (Hons) at Royal Holloway, University of London ...
Evolution Revolution, Peter Finnemore, 2005. Courtesy the Artist

Finnemore, Peter

°1963 - Llanelli, Wales (United Kingdom).
Peter Finnemore was one of the first student intakes at the new Fine Art Photography Course set up in 1984 by Thomas Joshua Cooper at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. Here he received a BA Hons. in Fine Art Photography and Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art (1984-88). He later studied at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) where he gained an MFA in Photography (1992-94) ...

Lizène, Jacques

°1946 - Liège (Belgium).
Jacques Lizène was among the most productive members of the Liège artists’ collective ‘Le Cercle d’Art prospectif’ (CAP), who, from 1972 onwards, developed a considerable body of work in the vein of so-called ‘relational’ art. Their political and sociological standpoints are reminiscent of Fluxus, even though Lizène prefers to designate his own work as “Non-Fluxus ...

Thys, Harald

°1966 - Wilrijk (Belgium).
Harald Thys (1966, Wilrijk, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. He studied at the Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Fine Arts Department, in the Netherlands. Best known for his collaborations with Jos De Gruyter ...

Romus, André

°1928 - Liège (Belgium).

Nyst, Danièle

°1942 - Liège (Belgium).
Danièle Nyst (1942, Liège – 1998, Sprimont) studied at the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts and produced music programs for the RTBF (Radio Television Belge-Francaise). Together with her husband, Jacques Louis Nyst, she made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical videos. The concern of how art ‘functions’ is always central ...
Media Burn, Ant Farm, 1975-2003. Courtesy Electronic Art Intermix (EAI), New York

Ant Farm

°1968 - San Francisco (United States).
Ant Farm was founded as an architecture and design group in 1968 by Doug Michels and Chip Lord, who were soon joined by Curtis Schreier, Hudson Marquez, and W. Douglas Hurr. Other members came and went over the years. The collective, whose base shifted between San Francisco and Houston, saw themselves as part of the cultural underground ...

Debauche, Jen

°1978 - Charleroi (Belgium).
Jen Debauche (° 1978, Charleroi) has been active as an experimental filmmaker since 2001. In her work, she explores the close relationship between image and sound. She is the founding member of LABO BxL, a photochemical laboratory for research and practice of an autonomous cinematographic form of filmmaking. ...

Van den Boom, Raoul

°1937 - Antwerp (Belgium).

Tzaig, Uri

°1965 - Kiryat Gat (Israel). Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
Ever since Uri Tzaig started out as an artist in the early nineties, he has been engaged in cultural, anthropological and political topics. The artist works with multiple media, using techniques to divert the attention of the viewer and challenge his expectations. In his highly reflective and contextual work the ordinary is mingled with the magical ...

De Volder, Geoffroy

°1964 - Brussels (Belgium).
De Volder started his studies in painting at La Cambre in 1985. The teachers who influenced his style most were Pasternak, Guy Bauclair and Jacques Sojcher. Initially he wanted to become a graphic designer, and create sleeves for music records, but due to bad grades and after visiting an exhibition of Giacometti he switched to painting instead ...

Francis, Filip

°1944 - Duffel (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
A painter by education, Filip Francis has been working with different media since the 1970s, creating conceptual art and installations. ...

Cattelain, Claude

°1972 - Kinshasa (Congo).
Claude Cattelain (1972, Kinshasa, Congo) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and Valenciennes, France. He experiments in various disciplines - painting, sculpture and video art - aiming at notions of instability, fragility and escapism. ...

Ferrand, Carlos

°1946 - Lima (Peru). Lives and works in Montréal.
Carlos Ferrand studied Cinematography in the United States, in his native country Peru, and in Belgium. He is a director, director of photography and screenwriter. His works have been awarded several times. Carlos Ferrand is the vice-president of the M.R.C. (Montfaucon Research Center)-Montréal, created in 1977 ...