François, Jan

°1961 - Lives and works in Brussels.
"After his studies Jan François spent a considerable amount of time working in the domains of archaeology and art restoration and he also made sets for theatrical and opera productions, before focussing from 1995 onwards on several forms of visual arts. He calls his working methods predominantly architectural, in thinking patterns, design and composition ...

Zéno, Thierry

°1950 - Namur (Belgium).
Test Tube, General Idea, 1979. Courtesy Electronic Art Intermix (EAI), New York

General Idea

°1968 - Toronto (Canada).
In 1968, AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal founded the Toronto based artists’ group General Idea. Their subjects came from mass culture’s consumerism, celebrity, glamour, and from the art world. Their artworks participated in mass culture, rather than oppose or work outside it ...

Crabeels, Cel

°1958 - Antwerp (Belgium).
In his videos, installations, photographs and performances, Cel Crabeels toys with the notion of emptiness as being something meaningful, open to a multitude of interpretations. His spatial works often stimulate the audience to interact and experience the environment on a physical level; circumstantial elements play an important role ...

Vanhoutvinck, Valérie

°1968 - Lives and works in Brussels
After studying Script / Editing at Insas, a Bachelor of Arts and Communication Sciences at the University of Liege, Valérie Vanhoutvinck starts to make documentary films. Initiated at various performing arts and communication technologies (Vocals, Clown, Voice, Mediation .. ...

Vogel, François

°1971 - Meudon (France)
Francois Vogel was born and raised in Meudon, a Paris suburb. He began scientific studies while practicing drawing, painting and animation. After art studies, he travels to the pacific to do his military service as a drummer in New Caledonia ...

Catrysse, Wim

°1973 - Leuven (Belgium). Lives and works in Antwerp.
Wim Catrysse’s experimental video installations are concerned with 'becoming', as a term, which leads to associations with active and reactive forces, ultimately determining the personal identity. His attention is principally aimed at corporeal expression, at the language of the body, which can be perceived as the result of his fondness for the theater and live performances. ...

Pacquée, Ria

°1954 - Antwerpen (Belgium)
Since the seventies, Ria Pacquée has recorded her presence in this world, or rather disguised herself as a specific persona. These personifications, including ‘Madame’ or ‘It’, were ‘played out' in photographs at first, but for some years now she has been recording characters on video as well, displaying a slightly adapted version of her ‘true’ self ...

Florizoone, Jan

°1959 - Belgium.
Jan Florizoone is a writer, editor and documentary filmmaker for Argos film, Brussels. His articles have appeared in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard. Currently he is a teacher at the School of Arts KASK (Koninklijk Conservatorium) in Ghent. ...

Ahriman, Enrique

°1944 - Cesena (Italy).
Enrique Ahriman was an actor, painter, photographer, theater director; teacher, lover of rhetoric, television, radio, painting and internet. This multidisciplinary worked with different mediums to achieve eccentric sets to present a new way of being an artist, a new model a direct consequence of the industrialization process of art and new technologies. ...

Bucquoy, Jan

°1945 - Harelbeke (Belgium).
Jan Bucquoy (°1945, Harelbeke, Belgium) lives and works in Belgium. He studied Literature in Grenoble, Philosophy in Ghent, film directing in Brussels (INSAS) and Political Science in Strasbourg. His work - feature films, comic strips, theatre and literature - is mainly satirical in nature, with a slight touch of anarchism. ...

Van den Abeele, Michael

°1974 - Brussels (Belgium)
There is hardly any stylistic continuity or mannerism in the diverse parallel activities of Michael Van den Abeele (°1974), going from post-surrealist drawing over animation-video to commodity objects and song-performances. But instead of being separated out from one another, they should be seen as embracing or instigating each other in an almost hysterical way ...

Mannaerts, Valérie

°1974 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
In her work, Mannaerts extends the method of collage to spatial objects. She explores the physiognomic qualities of things, questioning the relation between organic and inorganic forms, the presence and autonomy of objects as well as the histories sedimented within them. Mannaerts works in different media (installation, drawing, photography,...). In film the artist worked in Super 8. ...

Hauben, Arnout

°1976 - Belgium.
Arnout Hauben is a Flemish director of television and journalist. ...

Scholten, Peter

°1954 - Enschede (The Netherlands)

Johnson, Esther

- Beverley, Hull (United Kingdom).
Esther Johnson is an artist and filmmaker whose research practice explores documentary portraiture through moving image, audio and photography. She studied for an MA at the Royal College of Art, London, and for a BA (Hons) at Royal Holloway, University of London ...

de la Garenne, Christine

°1973 - Karlsruhe, Germany. Lives & works in Berlin, Germany
Christine de la Garenne grew up in a small village near the border with France. While studying Media Arts at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe and she also studied German studies at the university. She now lives and works in Berlin and is part of the elite of young Berlin artists, whose works are in great demand all over the world ...