Khani, Fleur

Fleur Khani is a Brussels based artist, performer and writer. As an upcoming theatre maker, she got selected for the Danceweb scholarship in Vienna, Austria. She makes her own theatre shows in which she works on the voice, the monstrification of the body and the use of text on stage. She presented the autofictional work Show don’t Tell at the Bâtard Festival (Brussels, Novembre 2012) ...
epic (malhame), Julia Meltzer & David Thorne, 2008 © the artists & producer

Thorne, David

°1960 - Boston, Massachusetts (United States). Lives and works in Los Angeles.
David Thorne is a politically engaged artist. He frequently collaborates with Los Angeles based artist Julia Meltzer to produce installations, photographs, and videos that raise questions about the uses of documents and their social, political, and affective impact. ...

Bernatchez, Patrick

°1972 - Montreal (Canada).
Born in 1972, Patrick Bernatchez lives and works in Montréal. He was the Québec finalist for the 2010 Sobey Art Award. His work has been featured in a number of solo exhibitions, at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2010); Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris (2009 and 2012); West, Netherlands (2009 and 2012); and Galerie de l’UQAM, Montréal (2011). ...

Baes, Pascal

°1959 - Nice (France). Lives and works in Brussels.

Pascal Baes experiments with the use of the stop-motion technique and specializes in image-by-image animation. He has also produced a range of "dance films". where dancing itself is released from its limitations, which are inherent to the stage, and recorded as a paradoxical experience. Thematically, as well as philosophically, he refers to the cinematic avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s. ...
Avant-garde citizens: Janneke’s story, 2007, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson © the artists

Ólafsson, Ólafur

°1973 - Reykjavik (IS). Lives in Rotterdam and Berlin.
Ólafur Ólafsson is an Icelandic-born artist currently based in Rotterdam and Berlin. In his collaborations with Libia Castro, he explores the ways life, society and the personal are influenced and constructed by socio-economic and political factors. ...

Kolb, Wolfgang

°1956 - Überlingen (Germany). Lives and works in Brussels.
Wolfgang Herman Kolb completed his film studies at INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des arts de spectacle), Brussels. For several years Kolb filmed the work of dancer and choreographer Roxane Huilmand, while she was working with Rosas and creating her own pieces. He found a strong and demanding language, rejoining that of Huilmand ...

Bijl, Guillaume

°1946 - Antwerp (Belgium).
Guillaume Bijl's work is about questionning the ordinary, the social reality and what supposedly separates it from “art”. Taking everyday, common elements and placing them in an unsual context, he forces the spectator to rethink his relation to reality. ...

Zhdanova, Alina

°1992 - Moscow (Russia). Lives and works in Kyoto (Japan).

Mulot, Florent

Florent Mulot studied photography and video at the Beaux-Arts of Angoulême and Marseille. After working for the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain Centre, he collaborated with the architect Jose Morales on documentary films about architecture, and worked on the film Grand Littoral, by Valérie Jouve. His personal photographic work concerns contemporary architecture ...

The Wooster Group

°1975 - New York (United States)
° founded in 1975 in New York The Wooster Group is an ensemble of artists who, since the mid-seventies, have collaborated on the development and production of theatre and media pieces ...

Op de Beeck, Hans

°1969 - Turnhout (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Hans Op de Beeck (1969, Turnhout, Belgium) studied at the high school of arts Sint-Lukas in Brussels and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. As a multi-disciplinary artist he makes use of various media, like video, sculptural installations, photography, text, animation and drawings. The medium is carefully selected, always looking for some kind of parallel world, an ageless nowhere ...

Gaillet, Jaad

°1990 - Paris (France). Lives and works in France.
Videomaker and Film Director ...

Benisheva, Stefka

°1988 - Bulgaria.
Stefka Benisheva is interested in objects, mechanical explanations and hypothetical stories. Montage in the broad sense where a pipe and wheel mean sentiment or a skin disease and the stories - funny or not but always sincere, search for the cracks where life appears more beautiful than real. ...

Reyns, Ailien

°1984 - Ronse (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aïlien Reyns studied history and film at Sint-Lukas Brussels. She creates filmic portraits and audiovisual installations. Her films are always the result of an extended interactive dialogue and research process with the subjects of her film projects ...

Bennett, Justin

°1964 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire (United Kingdom).
Justin Bennett’s work covers a wide range of genres, from (audio-)visual arts to music. Central to his thinking and work are a process-orientated approach and an interest in the elasticity of the concept of ‘space’. Bennett produces (reworked) field recordings, drawings, performances, installations, photographs, videos and essays ...

Geyer, Andrea

°1971 - Freiburg (Germany). Lives and works in New York.
After she studied Photography and Film Design at the Fachhochschule in Bielefeld, Andrea Geyer went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Braunschweig and the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. Geyer uses both fiction and documentary strategies in her image and text based installations that are intended to intervene in diverse mechanisms of verbal and visual control and regulation ...

De Bemels, Antonin

°1975 - Brussels (Belgium).
Antonin De Bemels works with diverse media, including drawing, electronic music, photography, and writing. His super-8 films are shot frame by frame. The camera records automatically, its shutter-speed increasing or decreasing according to the levels of light it captures ...

Lederlin, Jacques

°1950 - Grenoble (France).
Jacques Lederlin is a creator of movie soundtracks. In 1999, the film GARAGE OLIMPO, with a soundtrack by Lederlin, was presented in Cannes. Lederlin is also knows as Joeëlle de la Casinière’s long-standing artistic and musical partner. ...

Bonnemaison, Michel

°1923 - Paris (France).
Michel Bonnemaison referred to himself as a ‘professional European’. His work touched on such diverse subjects as cinema, media rhetoric, overland and sea trade and transport, travel overseas and, at a later stage, he was increasingly interested in theology. ...