Vanhoe, Reinaart

°1972 - Kortrijk (Belgium). Lives and works in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

De Bemels, Antonin

°1975 - Brussels (Belgium).
Antonin De Bemels works with diverse media, including drawing, electronic music, photography, and writing. His super-8 films are shot frame by frame. The camera records automatically, its shutter-speed increasing or decreasing according to the levels of light it captures ...

Van Damme, Philippe

°1965 - Brussels (Belgium).
Philippe Van Damme’s main preoccupation seems to be the city, its construction and the notion of time reflected in it. In Rue de l’Avenir he zooms in on a hundred year old demolished street in Brussels. For Der Landmesser am Japanischen Palais he went to Dresden and discovered (what did you expect?) a completely different city ...

Barry, Orla

°1969 - Wexford, (Ireland). Lives in Brussels and Wexford.
The strongly poetic and lyrical work of Orla Barry crosses a wide variety of media whilst evoking undercurrents of emotion and drawing on Irish disciplines of poetry and song. An interest in language stands central to her work; via frequently associative techniques she researches the semantics of her mother tongue and it’s cultural imbedding and implications. ...

Boccara, Tom

°1990 - Brussels (Belgium).
Tom Boccara was born on 22 February 1990 in Brussels (Belgium). While following a traditional school curriculum, he actually spent most of his time at the circus school in Brussels, where he developed a passion for the art of the clown, acrobatics and juggling. He had always loved cinema and at the age of 18 he entered the Institut des Art de Diffusion, where he started studying direction ...

Reyns, Ailien

°1984 - Ronse (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aïlien Reyns studied history and film at Sint-Lukas Brussels. She creates filmic portraits and audiovisual installations. Her films are always the result of an extended interactive dialogue and research process with the subjects of her film projects ...

Lederlin, Jacques

°1950 - Grenoble (France).
Jacques Lederlin is a creator of movie soundtracks. In 1999, the film GARAGE OLIMPO, with a soundtrack by Lederlin, was presented in Cannes. Lederlin is also knows as Joeëlle de la Casinière’s long-standing artistic and musical partner. ...

Reijniers, Anne

°1992 - Deurne (Belgium).
Anne Reijniers is a documentary and fiction filmmaker, whose work has been shown at EMAF (DE), OFFoff (BE) and Cinematek (BE). Since 2015, she has been collaborating with researcher Rob Jacobs to create the documentary "Echangeur", with the support of Het Bos and the art festival Kinact in Kinshasa. ...

Schaerf, Eran

°1962 - Tel Aviv (Israel). Lives and works in Berlin.
Eran Schaerf (1962, Tel Aviv, Israel) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He studied architecture from 1978 till 1987, specialising in urbanism, video and photography, at the Hochschüle der Kunste in Berlin. Schaerf works on his videos together with his partner, artist, writer and philosopher Eva Meyer ...

François, Michel

°1956 - Sint-Truiden (Belgium). Lives in Brussels.
Michel François is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses all sorts of materials and methods, combining man-made and natural objects, and photographs as well as installations. His aim is to appeal to all the senses. François’ photographs and videos are about ‘living’, and how to give form to that ‘living’ ...

Convents, Cherica

°1950 - Diest (Belgium).
Cherica Clara Convents (1950, Belgium) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She studied film and photography at NARAFI Brussels and St LUCAS Institute Brussels (Belgium); and experimental film at Psychopolis Den Haag (Netherlands). Her main interests include symbolism, metaphysics, mysticism ...

Spilliaert, Clara

°1993 - Tokyo (Japan). Lives and works in Belgium and Japan.
Clara Spilliaert, daughter of a Japanese mother and a Belgian father, was born in Tokyo in 1993 and moved to Belgium in 2009. In 2015 she received her Master's degree in visual arts at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. Her work has been shown on International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2015), Be-Part (Waregem, Belgium, 2015), Museum Dr.Guislain (Ghent, Belgium, 2014-15) ...

Mott, Jessie

°1980 - New York (United States). Lives and works in Chicago.
Jessie Mott is a visual artist who currently lives in Chicago. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, collage, sculptural objects, video and installation that speak to a dream-like or nightmarish quality of fantasy and the grotesque. Since 2009, she collaborated with Steve Reinke on a series of video animations which has been screened in national and international festivals. ...

Cattelain, Claude

°1972 - Kinshasa (Congo).
Claude Cattelain (1972, Kinshasa, Congo) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and Valenciennes, France. He experiments in various disciplines - painting, sculpture and video art - aiming at notions of instability, fragility and escapism. ...

García, Dora

°1965 - Valladolid (Spain). Lives and works in Barcelona.
Dora García produces drawings, photographs, (sound) installations, performances, videos, and net.art. She is interested in the creation of situations that alter the traditional relationship between artist, artwork and spectator ...

Sanders, Angela

°1974 - Zürich (Switzerland).
Visual anthropologist and videomaker. The main focus of Sanders research is transnational migration and mobility, processes of globalization and their impacts on the living and working conditions of human beings. Her academic field research is often accompanied by reflexive ethnographic video essays. ...

Bünger, Erik

°1976 - Växjo (Sweden). Lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.
The Swedish artist, composer, musician and writer Erik Bünger (1976) works with re-contextualising existing media in performances, installations and web projects. In Gospels, sections of Hollywood interviews are removed from their original contexts, interacting to form a new, seemingly coherent whole ...