Shin, Jung-Kyun

°1986 - Seoul, Korea
Shin Jung-Kyun is an emerging artist who often works with video. He has participated in diverse screening events, festivals and projects, and has received several Awards. He has technique, ability of constructing narratives as well as his conceptual attitude as a video artist. He conveys a very personal memory of military service in his work, Universal Story. ...

Locus, Jan

°1968 - Halle (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Jan Locus is a photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Brussels. In his photography he focuses on long-term projects. An initial project resulted in the book Mongolia (2005, Cypres/FoMu Museum of Photography Antwerp), showing a country that is trying to build a new existence on the remnants of seventy years of socialism ...

Mulliez, Bernard

Bernard Mulliez (1970, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He studied sculpture at La Chambre, Brussels. Since 1995 Mulliez has been making films, often with a focus on admiration and curiosity for social relations. ...

de Tapol, Aymeric

°1974 - France. Lives and works in Brussels.
Born in 1974 , Aymeric de Tapol started to listening the sound carefully by filming with HI8 camera in 1998 at Toulouse Music university the color of the doors where musicien played behind it .Each doors contains the colors of the instruments departement. What ever he his composer,Sound-Engineer for film, art Video, documentary, radio Création . He lives right now in Brussels ...

Bonnemaison, Michel

°1923 - Paris (France)
Michel Bonnemaison referred to himself as a ‘professional European’. His work touched on such diverse subjects as cinema, media rhetoric, overland and sea trade and transport, travel overseas and, at a later stage, he was increasingly interested in theology. ...

Nyst, Danièle

°1942 - Liège (Belgium)
Danièle Nyst (1942, Liège – 1998, Sprimont) studied at the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts and produced music programs for the RTBF (Radio Television Belge-Francaise). Together with her husband, Jacques Louis Nyst, she made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical videos. The concern of how art ‘functions’ is always central ...

Khani, Fleur

Fleur Khani is a Brussels based artist, performer and a writer. As an upcoming theatre maker, she got selected for the Danceweb scholarship in Vienna this summer. She makes her own theatre shows in which she works on the voice, the monstrification of the body and the use of text on stage ...

Boccara, Tom

°1990 - Brussels (Belgium)
Tom Boccara was born on 22 February 1990 in Brussels (Belgium). While following a traditional school curriculum, he actually spent most of his time at the circus school in Brussels, where he developed a passion for the art of the clown, acrobatics and juggling. He had always loved cinema and at the age of 18 he entered the Institut des Art de Diffusion, where he started studying direction ...

Konrad, Aglaia

°1960 - Salzburg (Austria). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aglaia Konrad produces photos and videos of global urban space and her work can be considered to be a form of visual research. Over the years, she has brought together an enormous archive of images shot in such diverse cities as Sao Paulo, Beijing, Chicago, Dakar, Tokyo, Cairo or Shanghai. Konrad draws from this reservoir for her exhibitions ...

Thys, Harald

°1966 - Wilrijk (Belgium)
Harald Thys (1966, Wilrijk, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. He studied at the Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Fine Arts Department, in the Netherlands. Best known for his collaborations with Jos De Gruyter ...

Bennett, Justin

°1964 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire (United Kingdom).
Justin Bennett’s work covers a wide range of genres, from (audio-)visual arts to music. Central to his thinking and work are a process-orientated approach and an interest in the elasticity of the concept of ‘space’. Bennett produces (reworked) field recordings, drawings, performances, installations, photographs, videos and essays ...

Reyns, Ailien

°1984 - Ronse, Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
Aïlien Reyns studied history and film at Sint-Lukas Brussels. She creates filmic portraits and audiovisual installations. Her films are always the result of an extended interactive dialogue and research process with the subjects of her film projects ...

Suermondt, Robert

°1961 - Geneva (Switzerland)
Robert Suermondt studied at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Visuels in Genève and at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. In his films, Suermondt demonstrates an explicit attitude towards the exploration of the dramatic potential of anonymous places as well of his own way of looking. The boundaries between the act of looking and the act of filming are never clearly drawn ...
The Interpreter, 2009 Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo © the artist(s) & producer(s)

Iorio, Maria

°1977 - lives and work in Geneva and Berlin.
Maria Iorio is an Italian visual artist. In her collaborations with Raphaël Cuomo she explores the classification in time and space which gives rise to our modern day society, and the advantage of the visible therein by means of photography and video ...

Kobland, Ken

°1946 - Bronx, New York (USA). Lives and works in New York
Ken Kobland (1946, New York USA) is an independent film and video artist, collaborating at times with performing artists such as Philip Glass or The Wooster Group. He retains a critical distance and poetical tension that seem to be lacking in a media-dominated society ...
The Interpreter, 2009 Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo © the artist(s) & producer(s)

Cuomo, Raphaël

°1977 - lives and work in Geneva and Berlin.
Raphaël Cuomo is a Swiss visual artist who performs research at Jan van Eyck Academie in the Netherlands. In recurrent collaborations with artist Maria Iorio he explores basic, sometimes conflicting values of modern-day society and social systems such as states or nations ...

Battersby, Cooper

°1971 - Penticton, British Columbia (Canada)
Cooper Battersby (b. 1971, Penticton British Columbia, Canada) and Emily Vey Duke (b. 1972, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) have been working collaboratively since 1994. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. ...

Paesmans, Dirk

°1965 - Brussels (Belgium)
° 1965, Brussels (Belgium), lives and works in the Netherlands Dirk Paesmans studied plastic arts together with Koen Theys at St. Lukas in Brussels, and sculpting at the Academy in Ghent. In 1981, only just about getting on twenty, they began to make videos together under the name of V-side ...