Kötter, Daniel

°1975 - Bergisch Gladbach (Germany). Lives and works in Berlin.
Daniel Kötter is a director and video artist whose work oscillates deliberately between different media and institutional contexts, combining techniques of structuralist film with documentary elements and experimental music theater. His work has been shown in numerous galleries, video festivals, concert halls and theatres all over the world. ...

Dekyndt, Edith

°1960 - Ypres (Belgium). Lives and works in Tournai and Strasbourg.
Edith Dekyndt investigates methods of perception and phenomena on the verge of the invisible, through installations, video art, drawings and photography. Her work consists of disturbing observations of physical phenomena. The disturbance itself is seldom spectacular. Instead, the artist playfully explores universal forces at work in everyday life, such as heat, light, gravity and magnetism. ...

Tarantino, Maria

°1972 - Milan (Italy). Lives and works in Belgium.
Maria Tarantino (born in Milan in 1972) studied philosophy in Scotland and Italy before settling down in Belgium, where she gradually moves from philosophy to journalism. In Brussels she works for the press, radio and television for several years ...

Christiaens, Xavier

°1963 - Brussels (Belgium).
Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium). The self taught film maker Xavier Christiaens conceives his films with uncompromising independence and autonomy, which is rigorous and very demanding towards the medium. This places him in a line along with avant-garde film-makers ...

Rosell Albear, Lazara

°1971 - Ciudad Habana (Cuba).
Lazara Rosell Albear (°1971, Ciudad Habana, Cuba) is a Cuban-Belgian artist dedicated to the research, performance and production of cross- media projects, events and films. She is a drummer, dancer/performer, extended voice performer, visual artist, filmmaker and poet ...
Disorient, Laurent Van Lancker, 2010 © the artist & producer

Aigner, Florence

°1975 - Luxembourg. Lives and works in Brussels.
With an academic background in Refugee Studies, Aigners artistic practice focuses on issues related to memory, belonging and the material culture of people in exile. Through participatory processes, she is creating situations from which narratives and images can emerge. As a filmmaker she collaborated with Laurent Van Lancker on 'Surya' and 'disorient'. ...

De Bemels, Antonin

°1975 - Brussels (Belgium).
Antonin De Bemels works with diverse media, including drawing, electronic music, photography, and writing. His super-8 films are shot frame by frame. The camera records automatically, its shutter-speed increasing or decreasing according to the levels of light it captures ...

Gaillet, Jaad

°1990 - Paris (France). Lives and works in France.
Videomaker and Film Director ...
Disorient, Laurent Van Lancker, 2010 © the artist & producer

Van Lancker, Laurent

°1969 - Brussel (Belgium).
Laurent Van Lancker (1969, Brussels, Belgium) studied both Film and Anthropology, and holds a PhD in Art. He lectures at film schools (INSAS, IAD) and universities (FU Berlin). For Laurent Van Lancker, every project is a new experience, in which a dialogue between form and content, ethics and aesthetics, political and poetical realms is to be found. ...

Opsomer, Els

°1968 - Gent (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Els Opsomer is a video artist, photographer and graphic designer. The complexity of daily reality fascinates her. Drawing from her ever-growing archive of urban images, she compiles personal reinterpretations of global reality, revealing its polymorphic and multi-coloured textures and many illusive sounds and languages buzzing through the streets and over the squares ...

Couturier, Michel

°1957 - Liège (Belgium).
Michel Couturier is fascinated by unlivable places: parking lots, shopping malls, harbour installations. The fundamental intuitive idea behind his work is that these places are like a magnifying mirror of the public space. These places are like ‘forest of signs’ those of power and alienation), a substituted nature ...

Konrad, Aglaia

°1960 - Salzburg (Austria). Lives and works in Brussels.
Aglaia Konrad produces photos and videos of global urban space and her work can be considered to be a form of visual research. Over the years, she has brought together an enormous archive of images shot in such diverse cities as São Paulo, Beijing, Chicago, Dakar, Tokyo, Cairo or Shanghai. Konrad draws from this reservoir for her exhibitions ...

Schwindt, Grace

°1979 - Offenbach (Germany). Lives and works in London.
Grace Schwindt, born 1979, is a German artist based in London. Her practice involves film, live performance, sculpture and drawing. Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp represents her. Her work has been featured in solo presentation at White Columns Gallery in New York and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, at South London Gallery, among others ...

Volckaert, Didier

°1971 - Belgium. Lives and works in Ghent.
Didier Volckaert obtained a Master Degree in Visual Arts and Experimental Cinema at the St Lukas School of Art in Brussels, and is a PhD. Researcher at RITS / University of Brussels. He mainly made documentaries, largely inspired, both with regards to form and content, by experimental films and pre-cinema. He is also a curator, teacher and visual artist. ...

Bijl, Guillaume

°1946 - Antwerp (Belgium).
Guillaume Bijl's work is about questionning the ordinary, the social reality and what supposedly separates it from “art”. Taking everyday, common elements and placing them in an unsual context, he forces the spectator to rethink his relation to reality. ...

Op de Beeck, Hans

°1969 - Turnhout (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Hans Op de Beeck (1969, Turnhout, Belgium) studied at the high school of arts Sint-Lukas in Brussels and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. As a multi-disciplinary artist he makes use of various media, like video, sculptural installations, photography, text, animation and drawings. The medium is carefully selected, always looking for some kind of parallel world, an ageless nowhere ...

Peres dos Santos, Miguel

°1976 - Lisbon (Portugal). Lives and works in The Hague.
Miguel Peres Dos Santos (°1976, Lisbon, Portugal) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By emphasising aesthetics, he reflects on the closely related subjects of archive and memory. This often results in an examination of both the human need for ‘conclusive’ stories and the question whether anecdotes ‘fictionalise’ history. ...

Tuerlinckx, Joëlle

°1958 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Joëlle Tuerlinckx (1958, Brussels, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. Professor at ERG masterII , Brussels (B) and HEAD, Geneve (CH). With Tuerlinckx’s work the conventional distance between the viewer and the art object fades. Her exhibitions are registrations of moments, proposals for temporary relationships between space, time and the world. ...
The Interpreter, 2009 Maria Iorio & Raphaël Cuomo © the artist(s) & producer(s)

Iorio, Maria

°1977 - Lausanne (Switzerland). Lives and works in Geneva and Berlin.
Maria Iorio is a Swiss visual artist. In her collaborations with Raphaël Cuomo she explores the classification in time and space which gives rise to our modern day society, and the advantage of the visible therein by means of photography and video ...

Cornelis, Jef

°1941 - Antwerp (Belgium).
For Jef Cornelis, who directed films for Belgian television between 1964 and 1998, it is important that his work should add something extra to the ‘television experience’. Cornelis’s work is primarily a dissection of television itself ...