Fallet, Camille

- Lives and works in Marseille.
Camille Fallet graduated as MA in photography from the Royal College of Arts of London in 2004 and also obtained a DNSEP art at the École supérieure d'Art de Nantes in 2001. He is laureate of the “British Gas Award” 2003 (reportage in Trinidad and Tobago) and of the Individual Help Grant for the Regional Direction Creation of the Cultural Affairs of Ile de France in 2006 ...

Francis, Filip

°1944 - Duffel (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
A painter by education, Filip Francis has been working with different media since the 1970s, creating conceptual art and installations. ...

Foighel Brutmann, Sirah

°1983 - Tel Aviv (Israel). Lives and works in Brussels.
Sirah Foighel Brutmann has been working in collaboration with Eitan Efrat for several years. Together, they create works in the audiovisual field. Sirah and Eitan's practice focuses on the performative aspects of the moving image ...

François, Michel

°1956 - Sint-Truiden (Belgium). Lives in Brussels.
Michel François is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses all sorts of materials and methods, combining man-made and natural objects, and photographs as well as installations. His aim is to appeal to all the senses. François’ photographs and videos are about ‘living’, and how to give form to that ‘living’ ...

Francese, Marianna

°1988 - Salerno (Italy). Lives and works in France.
Film Director and Visual Artist ...

Franck, Stefan

°1965 - Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp.
Stefan Franck studied German Filology at the University of Antwerp, and Film & Video at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels (1987-89). He has worked as a member of staff and editor with several artistic and literary journals, and is still responsible for the websites of Belgian museums and institutes of education ...