A creative registration of the performance piece – or ‘dé-coll/age-Happening’ – that Vostell made in 1976 with the help of, amongst others, the artists Mary Harding, John Armleder and Philippe Deléglise. ‘Regen’ (‘Rain’) strongly referenced to the body of work, the thinking and the intellectual heritage of Marcel Duchamp and the dada movement.

"Logically, and following Marcel Duchamp who discovered the ‘objet trouvé’ (‘found object’) as Art, I am turning my own ACTING and THINKING into aesthetic processes and thus consciously into artworks. Non violent acting and thinking in space and time create psycho-aesthetic art, sculptures that come forth of human energy - important for the individuation-progress of each individual " (Wolf Vostell on the concept of ‘Regen’, facsimile printed in Leverkusen in 2010).