Voice-over of three friends are talking to each other. One of them, Jack, is telling a story about a man called Norman, who stayed at a wellness resort because of his severe rheumatic attacks. The images consist of photographs, that are pasted together and zoomed-in on. The sound of the gestures that Norman makes, are mimicked by the artist. According to the tale, every night at eight o’clock Norman looks out of his window, seeing a flash of light and hearing someone calling for help from a house in the mountains. One day he doesn’t go to the museum with his fellow fish researchers, but goes to the house. There he finds a beautiful but ill woman, who can only be cured by the powder of a rare fish. Norman is struggling with this dilemma. He reacts to late, the woman dies. The man is so sorrowful that he sets himself on fire.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project