‘Un fou est un bijou’ is the final part of a trilogy of videos (after ’De la par d’Arnaud’, 2003 and ‘Advise to iraki people’, 2004) looking for the possibilities and the functionality of ‘voice-over’. Within this framework Convert explores the relationship between image, voice and text. ‘Un fou est un bijou’ shows a scene of a man waking up on a bench in the park. The text does not offer any clues or comments with regards to the image. The actual topic of the video is the voice itself, as an environment in which the dimensions of text and image blend, concord and get meaning. Because of the total lack of analogies between what is shown and what is said, the voice seems to reveal itself in its pure musicality, rhythmical and harmonious like a jazz-composition.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project