Ursula Biemann (born 1955, Zurich, Switzerland) is an artist, writer, and video essayist. Her practice is strongly research based and involves fieldwork and video documentation in remote locations. Biemann investigates global relations under the impact of the accelerated mobility of people, resources and information, and works these materials into multi-layered videos by connecting a theoretical macro level with the micro perspective on political and cultural practices on the ground. The videos are neither linear nor didactic but a reflexive exploration of planetary and videographic organization. Biemann’s pluralistic practice spans a range of media including experimental video, interview, text, photography, cartography and materials, which converge in highly formalized spatial installations. Her work also adopts the form of publications, lectures, and curatorial as well as collaborative research projects.

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'The Ethnographic Turn (Revisited)' is series of lectures that explore the relationship between contemporary art and cultural diversity in an urban context, with a specific focus on practice-based-research. The lecture series will discuss how art has become a space “for tracking, representing, and performing the effects of difference in contemporary life”. What does it imply to create art in an age of so-called ‘superdiversity’? At the same time the lectures will explore how art can create a different ‘language’ and ‘imagery’ to problematize cultural difference and urban frictions and to bring possible alternative representational practices into bear. This discussion will be embedded in the ‘ethnographic turn’ in contemporary art.

Moderated by Kris Rutten - University of Ghent

Co-production: Argos, Beursschouwburg, deBuren and SoundImageCulture(Sic).

Pictures: Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, 'Episode of the Sea', 2014. Courtesy of the Artists.


deBuren (attention, the location changed!)
Leopolsdtraat 6
1000 Brussel

Start: 19:30

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