Thursday 23 / 2 from 15 - 01 h & Friday 24 / 2 from 10 - 14 h at Beursschouwburg :

© Samah Hijawi


Thursday 23 / 2 :

15 - 18 h Installations in Grand Hall & Studio
Bruno Vandenberghe : Mumbo Jumbo  &  Janine Prins : Erfenis van stilte – Legacy of Silence
17 - 24 h Presentations in Golden Hall
17 h Radio - Documentary : Florence Aigner : Les enfants de la poule, in French - no subtitles
18 h Films : Julia Clever : Nihil Mortui

Sandra Heremans : Projection 

Greet Brauwers : Mathieu Corman, Traces
20 h - 20:30 h Break
20:30 h Lecture Performance : Samah Hijawi : Chicken Scribbles and the Dove that Looks like a Frog
Film : Amélie Derlon Cordina : Un film pauvre - A Vow of Poverty
22 : 15 h - 22: 45 h Break
22 : 45 h Animated Documentary : Amir Yatziv : Another Planet

Presentations : Janine Prins : Prologue : Erfenis van stilte – Legacy of Silence & Bruno Vandenberghe : Mumbo Jumbo
24 h  Performance in Grand Hall
Bruno Vandenberghe : Mumbo Jumbo Live-Mix

Afterparty at L'Archipel, Kiekenmarkt / Marché aux poulets 12-14!

Friday 24 / 2 :

10 - 14 h Installations in Grand Hall & Studio 

Bruno Vandenberghe : Mumbo Jumbo & Janine Prins : Erfenis van stilte – Legacy of Silence
12 - 14 h Brainstorm-session in Conference Room : The Future of SIC

Before summer SIC got the news that the organisation will not get structural funding for the period 2017 - 2022. This summer SIC worked hard on an application to fund a project for 2017-2018 called Fragile Fragments. In January we got the news that we will not get that funding either. Both times SIC got a positive advice from the commission that was not honoured by the Ministry. Therefore SIC is looking for alternative ways to continue its activities. In order to organise strategies for a possible future, SIC invites former and recent participants to join for a group discussion on the following questions: What is the place of SIC in the Brussels audiovisual landscape? What does SIC stand for today? How do we see the future of SIC with or without funding? All ideas, feedback, opinions are welcome! 

Janine Prins : Erfenis van stilte – Legacy of silence
Mixed media installation

© Janine Prins

Looking in the mirror, I notice pigmented skin due to a partially Indo-European background. What else is lurking everywhere as a result of this heritage? As an anthropologist-filmmaker I like working closely with familiar ‘others’ such as friends and relatives to unravel general topics subjectively. This time my aunt provided me with things, documents and worldviews from the Dutch East Indies. The installation brings it all together in a pop-up workspace.
Projectsupport: stichting docuprins, Equipment: Leiden University, Alex Pitstra, JP, Lodging: Jan Karremans, Carolina Diaz.

Bruno Vandenberghe : Mumbo Jumbo
Multimedia Installation & Performance

© Bruno Vandenberghe

Bruno Vandenberghe is a graphic artist and DJ. In this installation he uses both skills to demonstrate 'the cartographical failure of the ethnographical DJ-mix'. The installation is made of 5 different films, dealing with language, patterns, travel pictures, dots, record sleeves & other Mumbo Jumbo. The immersive sensorial space that he creates can only be completely different from the amalgam of found footage/sounds that's buried in the mix.
This will be combined with mind-maps in which he enjoyed the drift that happens inside the 'technology' of language, turntables, audio and video-editing, paper and ink.

Florence Aigner : Les enfants de la poule

© Florence Aigner

This radio documentary is a testimony of the last generation of Algerian Jews, born in the country itself.  'les enfants de la poule' starts with a personal quest of the author and her mother and is constructed of different voices. Voices that were collected with persons remembering this Jewish-Arab-Berber existence.'ouled del djej', 'les enfants de la poule' : mother's womb, filiation, protagonists of different horizons and experiences, born one day in Algeria.
by Florence Aigner, assisted by Anne Penders and Cyril Mossé, Music by Fatoum, produced by Polymorfilms and l'atelier Graphoui, with the help of the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles  > Listen to the radio-documentary here.

Julia Clever : Nihil mortui - work in progress

© Julia Clever

When my family moved house last year, war-testimonies of my deceased grandfather fell out of the closet:
A photoalbum he had never shown us, a story he’d never told us, and a note: “nihil mortui nisi bene”.
In this personal project, I trace transformations of our memories by linking his narrations to footage from my video archive and my research on war-re-enactment.

Sandra Heremans : Projection

© Sandra Heremans

The filmmaker questions her father’s archive from her own position in society. The pictures, letters and footage that he left her, are the witnesses of his past life and attest his changed way of seeing the world. Her Belgian father arrived in the 60’s for the first time in Rwanda as a missionary (Witte Pater) and decided later to end his religious life to marry her Rwandan mother.

Greet Brauwers : Mathieu Corman, Traces
A platform for phantoms of the past - work in progress

© Greet Brauwers

Mathieu Corman was a key witness of crucial 20th-century events. The first reporter to wire testimonies of Hitler's destruction of Guernica, he joined the Belgian resistance only a few years later. As an immersion writer he crossed the Balkans, travelled behind the 'Iron curtain' in his campervan in the '50s and discovered Asian to collect personal narratives. At his bookshops (a.o. opposite 'Bozar' in Brussels), he led the anti-censorship guerrilla in the '60 and '70s.
Traveling to places where the deficiency of memory meets the inadequacy of documentation, the film creates a fragmented image of Corman and summons this phantom of the past by giving him a platform to present himself. Valuable truths can be found within the forgotten waste-yard of history. As if it's all over.

Samah Hijawi : Chicken Scribbles and the Dove that Looks like a Frog
Lecture Performance

© Samah Hijawi

In an interview with Mhanna Durra, a painter based in Jordan, he described the effects that political events in Palestine had on the practice of painting as,  “People would paint a dove, and the dove would look like a frog… and they would call it my homeland”. This lecture performance takes the duality embedded within the collapse of two creatures, two symbols -the dove and the frog- as an entry point to explore representation and symbols in politically engaged art. This piece will navigate through the absurdities that lie between utopia and reality, art and activism, and the transformation of image making into the production of symbols.

Support by AM Qattan Foundation in Palestine, and Moussem and the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium. 

Amélie Derlon Cordina : Un film pauvre - A Vow of Poverty - work in progress

© Amélie Derlon Cordina

There are periods of strong awareness of sacred, and periods of desecration.
The film begins with the image - and began in its process - by my own obsession with iconic representations, especially those of the Christian saints. At the turn of this work, while the actors replay (mimic) scenes symbolizing saints, I question them about their attempts and willingness to break with their own cultural and religious heritage.
a film by Amélie Derlon Cordina, with Rimah Jabr, Oskar Petzet, Timur Magomedgadzhiev & Amélie Derlon Cordina, assisted by Julien Englebert, collection / distribution: Argos vzw

Amir Yatziv : Another Planet

Animated Documentary

© Amir Yatziv

A journey to the depths of imagination and reconstructed memory, in one of the most emotionally charged site of the 20th century.
A state prosecutor, gamers, a graphic designer, a historian and an architect are using the tools of the future to investigate the past. They wander inside the virtual worlds of their own creation. Created as a mosaic of encounters inside the virtual models of Auschwitz, the film reveals the obsession with memory and with the "Other Planet”.
an animated documentary by Amir Yatziv, editing by Didier Volckaert, sound design by Nati Zeidenstadt, costume design by Irie Yatziv, script advise by Elad Weingrod, produced by Amir Yatziv & Jonathan Doweck.  > see the trailer here