Belgische kunstenaarsfilm en -video in de jaren 1970 / Films et vidéos d’artistes belges pendant les années 1970 is a compilation of semi-structured interviews collected in the context of the art historical research that mapped the first video and film experiments in the 1970s in Belgium. The research and the interview were conducted by Sophie Ruysseveldt, Erien Withouck and Dagmar Dirkx, shot by Nick Van de Vel and Max Meyer and edited by Lucas Denuwelaere.



  • Creation of the Artworker Foundation (ARFO) by Chris Goyvaerts, Chris Eckhardt, Hugo Heyrman and others.



  • Meeting of Jacques Charlier with Gerry Schum in MTL. Leads to the concept of the collective film for the Paris Biennale in ‘71.



  • MTL, X-One and Wide White Space: Collective film for the Paris Biennale, with Walter Swennen, Guy Mees, Leo Josefstein (=Fernand Spillemaeckers), Claude Delfosse/Rocky Tiger and Jacques Charlier, Bernd Lohaus and Panamarenko.


  • Meeting of Roger Dhondt, Artworker Foundation (Hugo Heyrman + Wout Vercammen) with Gerry Schum at the ‘Kunst und Informationsmesse’ in Cologne.


  • Propositions d’artistes pour un circuit fermé de télévision, Yellow (Now), Liège
  • Jaques Charlier “Rocky Tiger”, casette musicale, Galerie X-One, Antwerp
  • (Sonsbeek buiten de perken; attention for video)



  • Distribution of Gerry Schum's artist films by MTL
  • Purchase of Sony Portapac by MTL/Fernand Spillemaeckers. This leads to Lili Dujourie (Spillemaeckers’ wife) making the first Belgian video tapes.
  • Formation of Groupe CAP



  • Continentale Video & Filmtoer which eventually leads to the startup of production studio Continental Video two years later
  • Weekends of Groupe CAP in Sprimont: realisation of video experiments by Nyst, Lennep, Lizène


  • CAP 1, Galerie Pré-U-Design, Brussels
  • CAP 2, Gallerij Hedendaags, Knokke-Heist
  • CAP 3, Gallerie Vega, Liége
  • CAP 4, Château Malou, Brussels



  • Groupe CAP invited by Groupe Movimiento to Maastricht
  • With financing of RTC Liége, Groupe CAP realizes first video


  • Derde Triënnale voor plastische kunst, Brugge
  • Aspecten van de Actuele Kunst in België, ICC, Antwerp
  • Video-Art ‘74, Lausanne
  • Art Video Confrontation, Paris
  • CAP & Relations, Galerie Elsa van Honolulu-Loringhoven, Gent
  • Video-weekend at New Reform, 6-8/12/’74
  • EXPRMNTL 5, Knokke



  • ICC
  • Leo Copers, Courtois, Jaques Lennep, Jaque-Louis Nyst, Jaques Lizene, Filip Francis, Hugo Heyrman, Danny Matthys, Hubert Van Es, Guy Mees, Ludo Mich (Belgium)
  • Michael Druks, Dan Graham, Gerald Minkoff, Lea Lublin, G. Richard, Sosno, Ferdinand Plessi, Christina Kubisch (International)


  • ‘Kunst als Film’ - Art ‘Comme’ Film, Elsa Von Honolulu Loringhoven-galerie, 7 maart 1975


  • Actuele Kunst in Belgie, CAYC Buenos Aires
  • Spectrum Gallery, Antwerp (Groupe CAP, Courtois, Lennep, Lizéne, Nyst, Evrard, Van Es, Y. De Smet)
  • Belgien, Junge Künstler I, Neue Galerie, Aachen
  • Artist’s Video Tapes, Palais Des Beaux Arts, Brussels
  • Midzomerforum Assenede



  • ICC
  • Leo Copers, Danny Matthys, Gary Bigot, Christine Vandemortel, Jaques-Louis Nyst, Jaques Lennep, Mich, Francis, Dewaele, Vandenboom, Verjans, Allessandro, Nicola, Uytterhagen (Belgium)
  • Bill Vazan, Luca Patella, Luis F. Benedit, Byars, Muntadas, Jons Richter, Edmund Kuppel, Raoul Marroquin, Amerigo Marras (International)


  • 5th international Open Encounter, ICC
  • Voordracht over het medium video, videokunst en de werking van de videodienst van het ICC door Debbaut en Goyvaerts, ICC
  • First airing of the ‘Vidéographies’ (from ‘76 - ‘86) on the RTBF (Liège), creation by Robert Stéphane and Jean-Paul Tréfois, helped by Paul Pacquay.



  • ICC
  • Francis, Raf Verjans, Daniël Weinberger, Frank Van Herck, Jaques Lennep, Jaques-Louis Nyst, Christine Vandemortel, Hugo Roelandt, Edith De Wit, Danny Matthys (Belgium)
  • Kurt Matt, Marian Heksen, Henning Brandis, Rally Tarlo, Raoul Marroquin (International)


  • Video-Film et Audiovisuel, Sart Tilman, Liége
  • Media 10/10, Maison de la Culture, Namur



  • ICC


  • Performance Art Festival by Roger Dhondt and others at De Nieuwe Workshop/Beursschouwburg



  • ICC


  • Course on video created in Academie des Beaux-Arts, Liége


  • Actuele Kunst in België, Smak
  • Video - Art Corporel, Musée d’art moderne de la Ville, Paris
  • Luc Deleu, Filip Francis, Wout Vercammen, De Warande

On the occasion of the exhibition THE 1970s: _ dedicated to the Belgian audiovisual avant-garde of the 1970s, a̷r̷g̷o̷s̷ in collaboration with Bozar presented a conference followed by screenings on December 17th, 2022. The inventiveness and individuality of the first Belgian and European artists who used video as a medium was highlighted in this series of lectures and screenings. European researchers and historians shared their thoughts and experiences on the video art movement in Europe in the 1970s. It was a moment of exchange and taking stock of the rich history of sharing ideas, experimenting and artistic collaborations between Belgian and European artists and collectives.


is an art historian and curator. She is the author of articles and essays in books and exhibition catalogues, with her research focused on video art, feminisms, art and activism and new media. She is co-editor of REWINDItalia Early Video Art in Italy (John Libbey Publishing 2015) and EWVA European Women’s Video Art in the 70s and 80s (John Libbey Publishing 2019). Currently she is a Researcher at Sapienza University of Rome and Honorary Fellow at Gray's School of Art, RGU, Aberdeen and Abertay University in Dundee.

is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image. She is a specialist curator and dedicated author of a series of both self-authored and edited books that define the practices and explore the history of curating and conserving digital and, in particular, net art. (

is an art historian and curator researching overlooked women artists. She is a dean at the Academy of Fine Arts (Department of Artistic Research and Curatorial Studies) in Warsaw. She is the founder of the non-profit organization Arton Foundation and was the coordinator of the project Forgotten Heritage dedicated to rediscovering works by avant-garde artists from Poland, Croatia, Belgium and Estonia, with a focus on the 1960s and 1970s. ( and “Not Yet Written Stories. Women Artists’ Archives On-Line (2019-2022).

is an archivist and programmer, Collection & Archive Director at LUX and member of the Cinenova Working Group - a volunteer collective who preserve and distribute the feminist film & video collection Cinenova. She continues to pursue collaborative projects foregrounding and questioning the historicization and distribution of feminist & radical media.

is a doctor in the aesthetics, sciences and technologies of the arts. Her research retraces the work and history of video artists on French television. Passionate about outreach through culture and the arts, she’s also an accredited tour guide for the French National Museums (Réunion des Musées Nationaux).

is art historian and program advisor at SCCA-Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts, active in the field of contemporary arts as free-lance curator and writer with focus on performance art and video art. She was the artistic director of ŠKUC Gallery (1982-1985), Director of SCCA-Ljubljana (2000-2015) and Head of video programs and DIVA Station Archive at the SCCA–Ljubljana (2000-2019). She has curated a number of video/media exhibitions, lectured and published texts in catalogues, magazines and books. She has participated at a number of international symposia, exhibitions & festivals, among them, Ostraniene Dessau, SEAF Rotterdam, Interstanding Tallinn, Transmediale Berlin and Ars electronica Linz.

is a writer, curator and art historian. At argos centre for audiovisual arts, they carried out research into experimental film and video from the 1970s. Forgotten pioneers from the past inspire their thinking and writing. Dagmar has written for the likes of Metropolis M, Fantômas, De Witte Raaf and TIM Magazine.

is a Brussels based artist and researcher. In 2019 she worked with argos on the research project THE 1970s : ____, focussing mainly on the Antwerp scene. The last few years she was selected for the FoMU .Tiff program for emerging photographers in Belgium and the European FUTURES platform. She is currently working on a long-term artistic research project which focuses on Belgian native plant names, stories, games and rituals.



    Rewind Italy- Revisiting Italian Video Art from the 70s
    Laura Leuzzi (IT)

    Revisiting Dutch Video art from the 70s
    Annet Dekker (NL)


    Missing Tapes, Found Stories: Women Video Artists in Poland
    Marika Kuźmicz (PL)

    Image of an Image of Yourself: women working with video in 1970s and 1980s Britain
    Charlotte Procter (UK)


    Exploring the electronic image in France… with what equipment?
    Fleur Chevalier (FR)

    Slovenian video art. Between television and festivals
    Barbara Borčić (SI)

    Panel Discussion

The 1970s

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Johan Pas, Beeldenstorm in een spiegelzaal. Het ICC en de actuele kunst 1970—1990, Lannoo Campus, 2005, 300 p. Jean-Michel Botquin (dir.), Le jardin du paradoxe. Regards sur le cirque divers à Liège, Yellow Now / Côté Arts, 2018, 448 p.

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