Trevor Mathison (May 2023)

leeshoek Trevor Mathison (May 2023)
leeshoek Trevor Mathison (May 2023)

This curated selection aims to deepen the experience of visiting Trevor Mathison: From Signal to Decay, Volume 4.
Building on the ideas and thoughts at the heart of Mathison’s work, the titles contextualise both the artist and the exhibition.

  • The condition of opacity in Black Audio Film Collective’s 'who needs a heart' - Kodwo Eshun (p.198-207, in : A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. Learning from Art, 2007)
  • Site of Sound: Of Architecture & the Ear - Brandon LaBelle & Claudia Martinho, ed. (2000)
  • À la recherche d’une musique concrète - Pierre Schaeffer (1952)
  • Understanding the art of sound organisation - Leigh Landy (2007)
  • Moving image - Omar Kholeif, ed. (2015)
  • Greyzone Zebra - Pauline Hatzigeorgiou (in: Art Meme, nr. 80)
  • Haunted weather : Music, Silence and Memory - David Toop (2004)
  • The Ghosts of Songs : A Retrospective of the Black Audio Film Collective - T.J. Demos (in : Art Forum 45.8)