Niels Van Tomme, director, chief curator

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Senior underground hip-hop hero and occasional Wu-Tang associate Killah Priest has released a series of awe-inspiring albums in recent years. His 2013 record The Psychic World of Walter Reed marked the beginning of this process, which reached a provisional artistic highpoint seven years later with Rocket to Nebula, an upward trend that he somehow extended on Horrah Scope from 2022. At the center of Killah Priest's craftsmanship is his truly out there flow of rhymes that construct layers upon layers of references and metaphors veering towards the extraterrestrial. His poetic energy finds no equal in today's over-saturated mediascape, which is oftentimes painfully lacking in lyricism. In a perhaps provocative move, the "image" I select is a line from "Alien Stars", an otherworldly track from 2015's Planet Of The Gods:

Tripping while I fall and transform into a trail of lotus
Then disappear like hocus pocus