15.11.20—15.11.20 — 14:00—15:30
Location: ARGOS

Colours and Stories: workshop

Colours and Stories workshop

In this workshop children between the ages of 6 and 11 create a video story together! Based upon the Tony Cokes exhibition, and more precisely the artist's peculiar use of colour, they are encouraged to look, to feel, and to make associations when looking at colours. Which memory or which feeling does a certain colour provoke? Which objects get shaped in your mind? Building upon these questions, the children will start writing and share their texts in pairs. How similar or different can stories be that originate from the same colour? In the end, they get to work and creatively merge two memories into a peculiar, exciting, crazy or touching video story in their common favourite colour!

For Info and registration send an email to reception@argosarts.org with the subject “Art day for children”