In this video compilation, Brehmer toys around with words, images and sounds as in some sort of visual essay concerned with how we perceive things, how we describe them and how we deal with them. In order to understand what we see, a certain amount of belief in what we see is indispensable. Brehmer tests the associative imaginative powers of the spectator. In the middle of the screen, the alphabet runs down from a to z, every now and then a single letter, a word or sometimes a sentence is shown. Images fade into drawings. Black Behind White shows how perception works much in the same manner than zapping. The brutality with which images and sounds distort each other ensures that the spectator cannot spend too much time with the same image.

  • Jaar 2002
  • Duur 00:10:16
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    Lopende tekst/titels: German, Italian, English UK, French
    Gesproken: French, Italian, English UK, German
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