"A boy and a girl are making love on the filmscreen. This is a Cinematographic illusion, in reality they are never seen together on the screen. On the celluloid boy and girl are never together in the same photogram. During the making of this film the boy filmed the girl and she filmed him. Virtual sex by means of an old Bolex camera. The girl exposes her body in the pair frames, he masturbates in the unpair. Editing was almost completely done in the camera by calculation.
Before the ‘official’ birth of Cinema there has been a period in which it was already possible to project 24 images / second. However it was still impossible to film at that speed. In other words: a ‘Film-camera’, a device capable of shooting at least 16 succeeding images / sec of a reality in motion, didn’t exist yet. Therefor people posed before the camera. Each shot was taken individually, like a photograph, and then the actor slightly changed his position for the next shot. This is the same technique as animation film." (Source: Didier Volckaert)

  • Format 16mm(16 mm.)
  • Color col. and b&w
  • Year 1995
  • Duration 00:02:00
  • Artists