Technocalyps is a 3 part documentary about ‘transhumanism’, an ideology assuming that we approach an era where humans, as we know them, are no longer the driving force of civilization. All technological developments seem to converge to one main goal: to overcome humanity, to try and create something transhuman.

Deel 3: The Metaphysics of Technology
This part covers the metaphysical consequences of the new technological revolution. On the one hand scientist start to use metaphysical concepts to describe the impact of their research, on the other hand, a surprisingly large number of scientific projects is inspired by religious aspirations and more and more theologians from any religious or spiritual belief are getting interested in these aspirations of new technology, making the discussion inextricable complex.

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  • Year 2006
  • Duration 00:55:00
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    Subtitles: Dutch/ Flemish, Chinese, English UK, French
    Spoken: English US, French, Spanish / Castilian
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