A number of structural modules (design and music) and a rule set are introduced to twenty-odd video artists; with these elements the artists were supposed to produce a video about an application of the video medium (surveillance, simulation, etc.).
The resulting 20 ’songs’ were broadcast on France3 and simultaneously on Radio 7 in stereo, every evening from October 22 until November 15 1984. The magazine Voir/Télérama presented the entire program to their readers in a special issue published in October 1984.
This was a unique event at the time: for once, all three media forms united their production and diffusion methods to work on one and the same program.
The clips were broadcast in the following order:

- Monday October 22: Leçon de golf
- Tuesday October 23: Art électronique
- Wednesday October 24: Archi / simulation
- Thursday October 25: Répérage cambriole
- Friday October 26: Baby-sitting
- Monday October 29: Portrait de famille
- Tuesday October 30: Presse teleramique
- Wednesday October 31: Robotron
- Thursday November 1: Art surveillance
- (Never broadcast): Porno
- Friday November 2: Clip / ordinateur
- Monday November 5: Fast food
- Tuesday November 6: Catalogue
- Wednesday November 7: Mondrian
- Thursday November 8: Visiophone
- Friday November 9: Mariage
- Monday November 12: Testing
- Tuesday November 13: Disc
- Wednesday November 14: Medico
- Thursday November 15: Magnétoscope

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project