This video looks into the relationship between two brothers, one of whom is struck with a mental handicap. Jean-Phillippe Convert based his idea on the Polaroid shots that his brother Arnaud had taken on a holiday trip in Normandy, and he asked him to write a piece of text from those pictures. Together they have made an impressionist poem, dubbed by Arnaud and with final editing by Jean-Philippe. The relationship between text and image is based on the principle of exchange: the editing of two personal points-of-view, from snapshots and words, is revived as the rereading of the work of the other. ‘De la par d’Arnaud’ (‘Fro Arnaud’) is the result of an intimate dialogue between the two brothers, each with their own relationship to the writing and creating process, one as and ‘adult’, the other as a child.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project