For ‘Camera Obscura’, Lorand made a night-time recording from a moving automobile, along an empty and unlit road, projected the dark images against a wall and filmed them again with a hand held camera. In a single, quiet motion, the camera zooms in on the projection (we initially see it reflected on the floor of the space) so that we viewers are drawn into the image in a kind of illusion of infinity. We hear a young girl and an older woman reading aloud a suggestive text about light and dark, seeing and being seen. The two voices are not in dialogue. Perhaps it is the same character at different stages of her life.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project

  • Format Digital Betacam(Digital Betacam)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color b&w
  • Year 2005
  • Duration 00:05:20
  • Languageinfo
    Spoken: French, English UK
  • Artists