From the balcony of an apartment at the Parisian rue Francis a camera embodies the fixed centre of a visual journey: an immobile eye which, due to variable focus, is mobile at the same time. The result is a whirlwind of perspectives, edited in a way that is not apparently subject to rhyme or reason. Everything the camera has filmed becomes a vector of the zoom, followed up by the electronic acrobatics of the editing. Alongside Vogel’s specific deployment of zooming and editing, another important factor in the process of creating dynamism is the remarkable way in which he concentrates various local sounds. Almost domineeringly present, the edited acoustic elements underscoring the moving images catapult the scenes into the concrete music of everyday scenes. In ‘Rue Francis’ the street becomes a reservoir of endless detail, delivered for free, 24 hours a day.

  • Format Betacam SP(Betacam SP)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 1995-1997
  • Duration 00:04:10
  • Artists