Sound Modulated Light #1
on Fri, 17 Oct 2003 19:00
on Sat, 18 Oct 2003 14:00

Edwin van der Heide (1970) is working as autonomous artist in the field of sound, space and interaction. His original background is in electronic music. He graduated from the Institute for Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 1992. His current work is hard to define in the traditional terms of music, sound art or media art because he is permanently working on the edge and the characteristics of the used medium. In this sense the medium does not just mediate but is being explored, redefined, and finally composed with a musical approach involving a new communicating language. The fact that qualities of musical language are being used in development of the work does not mean that the presentation form of the work is related to the concert form known in music. The result can either be an installation, a performance or an environment. Van der Heide’s recent works have included amongst others various installations with Marnix de Nijs, and the Water Pavilion in Neeltje Jans (NL) in collaboration with Victor Wentink and architects Lars Spuybroek and Kas Oosterhuis. Edwin teaches part-time at the Interfaculty Sound & Image at the Royal Conservatory & Royal Arts Academy in The Hague, and has guest-lectured, performed and shown installations extensively in The Netherlands and abroad.

on Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:00

Guest curated by Nat Muller and hosted by FoAM, the Brussels Code 31 creates a network of communication between the different festival venues. With the special telephone number, available at all the locations of the argosfestival 2003, visitors can dial into the Code 31 headquarters at Kanal 20 - /foam/tmp/ and send information (be that text, voice or image). This data will be processed, synthesised, analysed, manipulated and subsequently returned to the sender by Code 31.

on Sat, 25 Oct 2003 14:00 at Kaaitheaterstudio’s

Though ICT make up part and parcel of our daily realities, we still experience them as strangely balancing between the alienating and the tangible familiar. They function as barriers between human intimacy, or quite the contrary, by their mere transparency close distances and facilitate the semblance of presence. Indeed, concepts such as Onear¹ and Ofar¹ acquire a vast range of connotations within the realm of networked communication technologies.
Nevertheless, whether we view these media as friend or foe, as a snug protection from the Owet wear¹ of physical bodiesor as aids to reach our distanced loved ones, their channelling and mediating function have altered our human relationships significantly. Our voices and our emotions have become digitised and encoded before being transmitted to their subsequent receiver. By corollary Ocloseness¹ and intimate presence remain approximate in our perception. It is as if with the process of coding and recoding something is lost, or perhaps something is gained? In any case, the ’Coded Interference’ symposium will bring together a range of artists, scientists and designers to discuss these topics from very different and converging angles.


Michelle Teran (CDN): media and performance artist

Edwin van der Heide (NL): electronic composer and sound artist

Kristina Andersen (DK/GB): human computer interface engineer, interaction, designer, artist

Mark Hansen (US): mathematician and statistician

Concept and moderation: Nat Muller (NL/B): free-lance curator

This event is part of argosfestival 2003

Edwin van der Heide, Push / Pull, 2003  
  • Fri 17.10.2003 - Sat 25.10.2003
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    Kanal 20 - / FoAM /tmp/
    Barthelemylaan 20
    1000 Brussel