Although the Canadian-American duo Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby have been collaborating since 1994, Get Help marks their first large-scale solo exhibition in Belgium. The duo makes videos and movies, works on paper, installations and sound works that deal with (auto-) biographical notions, portraiture and differences / overlaps between human society and the animal kingdom.


At Argos the exhibition combines two new monumental groups of works. In the video Get Help, made in collaboration with Vashon Watson,Emily Vey Duke plays a psychoanalyst who is interested in exploring the potentials and limitations of analysis. Vashon Watson plays her sometimes unwilling subject. In addition, the piece features his mother Shadonna Watson, and two younger siblings.


Using unconventional narration techniques, the work draws narrative parallels between the contrasting positions of the two protagonists (old and experienced versus young and cocksure, professor versus undergraduate student, white versus Black). This creates a layered reflection on the place of the individual in contemporary Western society, making use of tropes from both fiction and documentary film.


The new interactive multimedia installation Something Wonderment rounds out the exhibition. On a table there are two microscopes that enable the viewer to investigate various objects and organisms - bones, mosses, crystals, bacteria. The devices are connected to projectors that show the objects greatly enlarged. In relation to this there are six sculptures: dioramas composed of geological crystals, minerals, and small animal remains such as whiskers, bones or feathers. As they have done with earlier works, in Something Wonderment, the artists draw reflexive parallels between human society and the animal kingdom.


  • Sun 28.1.2018 - Sun 22.4.2018
    11:00 - 18:00
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