After the exhibition 'Inland Voyages in An Inland Voyage' , Mira Sanders is showning in Netwerk Aalst.

From the website of Netwerk:

Mira Sanders explores the potential of journeying as a process that creates the ability to touch and visualise cultural, historical sensory boundaries. For Alone the Sides Along, Sanders retraces the boundaries of her own oeuvre. In doing so she employs the methods of inventorising, cataloguing and exploration. Over an extensive series of sketches (videos, drawings, texts, maquettes), a story unfolds of people and places, referring obliquely to journeys made by the artist and others.
Text, films, drawings and objects move in relation to one another, exploratively, as counterparts. For the artist their different vocabularies are equivalent in their value to her research. Together they form a potential narrative, a subjective cartography of a journey that reveals itself step by step in interaction with the viewer’s frame of reference.

In Along the Sides Along, Sanders revisits her oeuvre, centring on the large body of work generated during her PhD research (2012-2017). By shifting the perspective between drawing and architectural setting, and between viewer and artist, Sanders redefines both the image of her oeuvre and the status of her research. In this way she concludes her PhD by, in a certain sense, creating a new way to unlock its meaning.

The public presentation of Mira Sanders’ doctorate in the arts: Fragment from le journal d’un usager de l’espace: concerning the (im)possibility of an image to form limits, takes place in Netwerk, on March 10 2017 at 14:30. You can register here.

This exhibition and the practice-oriented doctoral research project was realized in collaboration with the research group Photography Expanded LUCA | School of Arts, the Special Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture University of Leuven.