Palestine, Charlemagne

°1945 - Brooklyn, New York (United States).
Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium). ...

Provost, Nicolas

°1969 - Ronse (Belgium). Lives and works in New York (USA).
Nicolas Provost’s oeuvre, shown with notable success at international film festivals in recent years, has been described as a working-off of the filmic codes of narrative cinema ...

Patar, Vincent

"Vincent Patar studied together Stéphane Aubier with visual arts at La Cambre, where they had previously been engaged in animation sequences, and they spent some time in Disney animation-training in the US ...

Pacquée, Ria

°1954 - Antwerpen (Belgium).
Since the seventies, Ria Pacquée has recorded her presence in this world, or rather disguised herself as a specific persona. These personifications, including ‘Madame’ or ‘It’, were ‘played out' in photographs at first, but for some years now she has been recording characters on video as well, displaying a slightly adapted version of her ‘true’ self ...

Pauwels, Eric

°1953 - Antwerp (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Filmmaker, writer and film lecturer Eric Pauwels started his career with what he calls ‘cinéma mémoire’, or ethnographic documentary. He obtained his PHD in cinematography in Paris with a documentary on the ‘possessed’ in Indonesia. Afterwards, eager to step out of his role of being a spectator, Pauwels begins to make dance videos and works of fiction ...

Peres dos Santos, Miguel

°1976 - Lisbon (Portugal). Lives and works in The Hague.
Miguel Peres Dos Santos (°1976, Lisbon, Portugal) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By emphasising aesthetics, he reflects on the closely related subjects of archive and memory. This often results in an examination of both the human need for ‘conclusive’ stories and the question whether anecdotes ‘fictionalise’ history. ...

Pazienza, Claudio

°1962 - Roccascalegna (Italy). Lives and works in Brussels.
Claudio Pazienza is a militant for a cinema of ebullient knowledge. He is an Italian polyglot and has lived in Brussels since 1980. ...

Provoost, Ivo

Ivo Provoost studied at La Cambre in Brussels. And until further notice Brussels is his take-off point. He works together with Simona Denicolai. For the description of their work they often refer to the metaphor of the earthworm, which gulps down its context, digests it and casts it back out again in order to survive and be able to move about in its environment ...

Peternák, Miklós

°1956 - Esztergom (Hungary). Lives and works in Budapest.
Born in 1956 Esztergom, Hungary, lives in Budapest. Studied history and history of art, PhD 1994: New Media – Art and Science. He was a member of the Béla-Balázs-Studio, Budapest (1981-87), the Indigo-Group, worked at the Hungarian National Gallery (1981-83) and at the Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1983-87) ...
Fleuve Congo à Kinshasa, 2005, Marie-Françoise Plissart © the artist

Plissart, Marie-Françoise

°1954 - Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Marie-Françoise Plissart is a photographer and a filmmaker. Former companion of Benoît Peeters, she collaborated with him on several films, books and exhibitions. Marie-Françoise Plissart’s photographs have been in many exhibitions. In 2004 she received the main award at the Architecture Biennale at Venice for her work on Kinshasa ...

Paik, Nam June

°1932 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Nam June Paik was a Korean American artist. He worked with a variety of media and is considered to be the founder of video art. He was married to the video artist Shigeko Kubota in 1965. ...

Persijn, Jurgen

°1966 - Waregem (Belgium)
During a short period of three years, immediately after graduating from Sint-Lukas University College of Art and Design, Jurgen Persijn (°1966, Waregem) directed three commissioned videotapes in collaboration with Ana Torfs, amongst which, Akarova &. Baugniet/L’entre-deux-guerres (1991) and Mozartmaterial (1993) ...

Paesmans, Dirk

°1965 - Brussels (Belgium).
Dirk Paesmans studied plastic arts together with Koen Theys at St. Lukas in Brussels, and sculpting at the Academy in Ghent. In 1981, only just about getting on twenty, they began to make videos together under the name of V-side. Their first work Radar (1981) was, as they put it, "a flood of images we caught on our sensory radar" ...

Patterson, Ben

°1934 - Pittsburgh (United States).
According to an old biography, Benjamin Patterson was ‘proficient on the double-bass, knowledgeable in music theory and history and acquainted with the crafts of composition and conducting.’ Following a career in symphony orchestras in Canada, he moved to Germany in 1960 ...