"In terms of technology, light and sound, intermedia artist Maria Blondeel has an experimental approach. With the help of a system she invented herself, which can transform light into sound, she explores time-based concepts. Her oeuvre embodies an artistic investigation centred on light in both urban spaces and the countryside. In the form of changing bundles of sound, she draws, amongst other things, the meteorological variables of daylight and the transitions between day and night. Blondeel is co-founder of the Experimental Intermedia Art Foundation in Ghent, has exhibited and produced performances at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, the Glasgow School of Art, Puddles Tokyo (Japan), the Lasalle-Sia College of the Arts (Singapore) and EMAF 2005 (Osnabrück)." (argos festival 2005 catalogue)

Selected discography:
‘HH’ (Maria Blondeel & Heinz Weber, CD, Spritzenhaus Hamburg, 2001) ‘A10;E40’ (CD, 2001)‘SOUND 2000 – Maria Blondeel (1992-1999)’ (CD, 2000) ‘E(stutt)11.8.99 – 1999’‘Ag(SP)20h’ (CD, 1998) ‘G(BAR)’ (CD, 1997)‘MOS ’ (CD, 1994) ‘BLEU DE TRAVAIL’ (CD, 1992/ 1994)